Kasauti Zindagi kay 11th October 2019 Written Update: Anurag gets to know the truth

The episode starts with Anurag asking forgiveness from Anupam but Anupam keeps scolding him for what he has become and his obsession for Prerna. Everyone can see his love for her except him. Anurag hugs him and apologise him and Prerna sees it. Anurag sees her too but she immediately turns her face. She decides to leave the mansion as soon as possible as Anurag may hurt Bajaj again.

Bajaj understands that that Prerna will decides to shift and calls a real estate person and asks him to buy a mansion as soon as possible. He cuts the call.

Prerna comes to Kukki room and finds her with Sharda. Sharda says that Kukki was searching for her. Prerna says that she can’t go anywhere leaving Kukki. She hugs her and Sharda leaves. Bajaj comes in ad sees Kukki and Prerna together. He days finally he got a family that he wished for and will not let anyone snatch it from him.

Anurag sees the pictures of Prerna from the dance and he recalls Prerna blaming him. He wonders why Bajaj doesn’t want to punish him. Bajaj cokes there and says thar it’s because they are his men. He says he planned everything. Anurag gets furious and holds him by collar but Bajaj sways him. He says he loves Prerna now he earned her trust too. Anurag says that he’ll say everything about him to Prerna. Bajaj sees Prerna standing behind Anurag and acts accordingly. He cleverly twists the scene. Anurag too sees Prerna and informs about what Bajaj said but Prerna doesn’t believe him. Anurag swears to prove himself innocent with proper proofs and leaves.

On his way he sees Tanvi. Tanvi is about to go to him but Sharda comes there. Anurag leaves and Sharda asks her to keep family secrets within family. Sharda asks her to stop developing soft corner for Basu and takes her away. Anurag hears it all.

Prerna asks Bajaj what he was doing. She says that her forever love and care is only for Anurag. Bajaj says that he knows it and asks not to talk about it. Anurag prays to Durga Maa to show him a way and help him in finding the truth. In the meantime Bajaj says that that’s the reason that he has still not harmed Anurag. She says that he can’t harm him in future too as she married him only for Anurag and still it’s the same for her.

She also says that she understood how much important she’s to Anurag. Rishab says that it’s the same for everyone. However Prerna says that she don’t want to be important to anyone except Anurag.

Anurag’s phone rings and Anurag gets it. Shivani calls him downstairs. They find something recorded and hears Prerna’s confession.

Precap : Anurag says Rishab that he got to know the truth. Anurag says Prerna that like others Bajaj will also leave their lives and none can separate them. Komolika comes back.