Kasauti Zindagi Kay 12th August 2019 written update:- Anupam asks Anurag to fight back

The episode starts with Anurag and Anupam are in the kitchen and Anurag shares his dreams and plans for his married life with Prerna. He says Switzerland trip we planned as it will be our first holiday, the first vacation together, so much I have planned for us but what I got in return? Anupam asks him to let it go, he refused to let it go and says how? That Mr. Bajaj is coming to my house with Prerna then how will I keep calm?

In the morning, Tanvi and Kuki are in the hall with Prerna when Prerna is making her eat noodles fast so that they can play hide and seek and Kuki will hide whereas Prerna has to find her. Prerna asks Sneha to finish her last bite and she goes to count 1-10 with closed eyes. Tanvi asks Sneha to go and hide and she goes up to find a place. Tanvi completes the count and Prerna opens her eyes and asks her is she is up? Tanvi says no cheating and Prerna says oh sorry and goes to find her.

Prerna is looking for Kuki whereas she is continuously changing her positions to get hide from Prerna and in the meantime, Prerna collided with Anurag resulting in a split of books all over the place. Both try to get down and their heads collided and Prerna says you are hurting me.

Anurag also says and you keep on hurting me always what abt that? Prerna tells him again the same thing? That same words, same talks and whining over the same thing. When will you move on in life? Anurag bends down and takes his books and said I have an answer for you that I will not move on and even I will hold you back. Prerna asks him aren’t you the same Anurag who used to be a punctual person? Then how come you are having so much time to waste? Go to the office and do some work. She asks him what he is doing here. He says this is a corridor and this room is a study room, he came to take a book and now he is going to his room to take the wallet.

Prerna thinks about their sleeping arrangements in the room and runs behind Anurag to stop him. She says this room is now for the newlyweds so you can not enter just like that. I am bringing your wallet, she fails to get it but after some time, Anurag himself entered the room and comes out after taking his wallet.

Sneha comes there and asks Prerna something but she is unable to get it, Anurag says she is trying to say she wants to hide again and you will find her. Sneha asks Anurag to bent down and pecks on his cheeks. Anurag smiles with her gesture and says to Prerna you got money, wealth and a daughter free too, Prerna asks him to keep Kuki away from their differences.

Later in the office, Anupam comes to Anurag for work but he is engrossed in Prerna. Anupam says he doesn’t like to see a defeated Anurag and asks him to fight back. He tells Anurag to make Prerna regret her decision to abandon him and go to Bajaj. He asks him to earn more and more money than she feels bad for leaving you, emerge as a winner in life not like this. Anurag looks at Anupam and thinks.

Precap – Bajaj yells at Prerna for Kuki gone missing.