Kasauti Zindagi Kay 12th August 2019 written update Part – 1:- Basu house divided in two sections

The episode begins with Nivedita is asking Anurag not to go out of the house before one month. Mohini sits beside Anurag and tries to put some sense in him that Bajaj is trying to overtake this Basu house which is his father Moloy’s dream.

Mohini tells him that she can’t afford to see the nameplate of Bajaj mansion in front of their house. Anurag closes his eyes in helplessness and Mohini hugs him.

On the other hand, Prerna is being worried down when Bajaj asks her if she wants to say something? She is about to speak when Nivedita comes there with Mohini and tells him that it is our duty to let you know what we have decided to do further. She says as per the legal rules and regulations, the 50% rights lie with us and the 50% is with you.

So in that case, you are not able to buy this house yet so we will be staying here so now you decide what you want to do. Your stay in this house won’t be so pleasant as you have to see me in this house.

Mohini says you know really well right that Anurag and Prerna marriage was going to happen so how painful it will be for Anurag to see you and Prerna together here.

Nivedita says we will be staying on the ground floor and you all will be on the first floor and corridor, drawing room and Kitchen will be common for all.

Bajaj agrees to it and tells Prerna he will go to bring his family here. He thinks that I never wanted Prerna to be troubled between me and Anurag but if I don’t stop him now he will create further hassles.

Mohini slams Prerna that my son married Komolika because your house was in danger and now you came here to snatch our home from us with your husband. It will not happen, it will never happen.

Prerna entered Anurag’s room and reminisces all the memories when Anurag came and taunt her that you always wanted this room, last time you throw out me and Komolika and today again you did the same.

He taunts Prerna that maybe you never got to know me or else I failed to understand you as a person. Anyways, you and your husband won’t be able to throw me and my family out of this house.

All the stuff is shifting and relocating in the house. Anurag is standing at the hall and sees Prerna, he is coming towards her when the trolley of Anupam hits him.

Anupam asks Anurag to be careful as it can hurt him. Anurag says the pain I got from Prerna is much more to bear that these small things don’t affect me anymore.

when Bajaj enters with his family members who taunted Basu family that Rishabh never likes to lose so he will get the house for us. Sneha enters the room when Anurag sees her and recalls meeting her once. He sees Sneha hugs Prerna as her mother and he finds it painful and out of tolerance to watch. He moves his face away.

Precap – Anupam motivates Anurag to fight back and emerge as a winner.