Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th March 2020 Written Update: Anurag and Prerna comes out from lift

Today’s episode starts with Kukki worrying for Prerna and Kaushik for Anurag. The duo argues. There ANurag gets a call from Komolika and to jealous Prerna talks sweetly with her. Prerna gets calls from Mr. Bajaj. Meanwhile, liftman mends the lift. Kuki informs Prerna that lift is fine and will start anytime.

Afterwards, Anurag thinks to reveal truth to Prerna but stops. Anurag and Prerna both comes out from the lift. Later, Prerna recalls her moments with Anurag and drives fastly. Kukki asks her to drive slowly. She further asks Prerna if she knows Anurga. Prerna says no. Ahead, Kuki and Kaushik reach the college.

There, Anurag comes back home. Nivi asks Anurag how he lose auction. Mohini too asks the same question. Anurag thinks to protect Prerna from Komolika and decides not to reveal her name. Komolika asks Anurag how he lost. Anurag leave the place without replying anyone.

Other side, Prerna recalls Anurag’s betrayal. She sees Venna but could not meet her. Bajaj calls Prerna and asks about her whereabouts. There, Kuki spots Kaushik in the college. A girl at the college asks Kaushik not to leave her. Kukki misunderstands Kaushik and complaints to inspector.

Police arrests Kaushik. Kaushik and Kuki fights at the police station. Naina tells to inspector that Kaushik is not the boy who was teasing her. Kuki stands shocked. Inspector scolds Kukki and says to her that her one wrong complaint would have spoiled Kaushik’s life forever. Kuki stands shocked.

Aftrewards, Naira reveals to Kuki that she loves Kaushik thus disn’t said anything against her. She says she is at fault not Kaushik. Further, Kaushik says to Kuki that not he will avenge her.

Other side, Anurag and Prerna thinks about each other. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Mohini reveals to Rakhi that Basu property belongs to Komolika. Prerna and Bajaj meets Anurag. Bajaj says to Anurga that Prerna belongs to her now.