Kasauti Zindagi Kay 13th September 2019 Written Update: Anurag’s life in danger!

Today’s episode starts with Mohini accusing Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. Mr. Bajaj supports Prerna and says to Mohini that she can never understand Prerna’s nature ever. Prerna ask Mr. Bajaj not to argue as this is not the right time to fight. Pooja interrupts, Anupam says to Prerna why she is supporting Mr. Bajaj inspite of knowing he is responsible for Anurag’s condition.

Mr. Bajaj confesses that he is responsible for Anurag’s state and he came to apologize but he saw his family pushing his wife. Bajaj further says if they have to vent out the anger they can yell at him but not at Prerna. Pooja says she has heard him when he was threatening Anurag and now because of him Anurag is suffering. Mr. Bajaj’s aunt interrupts the talk and asks Basu’s not to cross their limits. Tanvi too supports her mother.

Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to start fighting for her self-respect instead of bearing humiliations. Mohini accuses and says Prerna is bad omen for Anurag as the day she entered his life, his life got ruined. Mr. Bajaj says to Mohini that she is misbehaving with his wife. Police enters and ask who Mohini Basu is?

Mohini ask Inspetor to arrest Mr. Bajaj as he did the accident of her son Anurag. Mohini says they have Shivani as an eye witness too.

Police says to Mohini that just because she has called him they can’t arrest Mr.Bajaj. Anupam tells the police what all happened with Anurag. Inspector goes to Shivani and asks did she have seen Mr. Bajaj’s speedy car hitting Anurag. Shivani says no Anurag was lying on the road and people around there tell her that the one who was sitting in the car has hit the person. She further says she has just seen Mr. Bajaj’s car parked on the other side of the road.

Inspector tells to Mohini that before investigation they can’t arrest Mr. Bajaj. Mohini says she is telling him that Bajaj has done Anurag’s accident than why he is not arresting him. Inspector says without any proof they can’t arrest Mr. Bajaj and even the eye witness has not seen Mr. Bajaj hitting Anurag. Shivani says but people around them told her the car man hit Anurag. Inspector says but she has only see Anurag lying on the road.

Pooja says to Inspector that he is scare to arrest Mr. Bajaj because he is a powerful man. Police tells to everyone out there that Mr. Bajaj has himself filed a complaint against the accident and if he is the culprit than he would have ran away till now.

Tanvi and her mother discuss about Prerna and Mr. Bajaj’s relation. Bajaj’s aunt further says to Tanvi that she will fill Prerna and will ask her to maintain a distance from Basu’s.

Nurse asks doctor why they shifted Anurag to home. Doctor says because Mohini wants the same. Mr. Basu comes to meet Anurag and gets shocked. Mohini takes Mr. Basu near Anurag. Moloy gets emotional seeing Anurag. Mohini consoles him. Anurag’s health fluctuates. Doctor asks the family to wait outside.

Prerna recalls Mohini’s word and gets upset. Mr. Bajaj’s aunt comes and talks with Prerna. She further asks Prerna to maintain a distance from Basu’s. Mr. Bajaj comes and Prerna excuses herself from the room.

Doctor informs Prerna that Anurag is in danger and if in next six hours he didn’t regain consciousness than it will get difficult to save him. Prerna stands shocked. Doctor asks for Anurag’s room. Prerna tells him.

Here, Rishab’s aunt asks him to take an action and throw Basu’s out from the house before it gets late. Prerna recalls doctor’s word and gets restless. She recalls her moments with Anurag and cries hard (Darmiyan song plays in the background). Someone asks Prerna why she is crying. Prerna gets shocked. (Episode Ends)

Next Week: Doctor gives treatment to Anurag. Prerna cries and tells to Mr. Bajaj that Anurag matters to her a lot. Mr. Bajaj’s aunt asks Tanvi what she feels for Anurag. Prerna comes to Anurag and ask him to wake up and cries her heart out. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand. Mohini and others stands shocked.