Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th March 2020 Written Update: Basu’s gets shocked seeing Prerna and Mr. Bajaj

Today’s episode starts with Kukki telling to Prerna about Kaushik. There, Kaushik shares about Kukki to Monu. Prerna ask who is Kaushik. Kuki hides his truth that Anurag is his uncle and escapes the talk. Here, Anurag tells to Monu and Kaushik that he has kept a party for the investors and asks them to get reasy on time.

Further, Mohini works and Rakshi and Nivi feels bad. Rakhi asks Mohini why she doesn’t say no to Komolika. Mohini says she owns the house. Rakshi says this is wrong and thinks to talk with her. Ahead, Kukki’s car stops at the mid of the read. She looks for lift. Kaushik comes but refuses to help her. At Basu house, everyone enjoys the party.

Komolika once again berates Mohini. Rakhi talks with Komolika and asks her to show some respect towards Mohini. Komolika berates Rakhi and says after her divorce Basu’s are taking care of her expenses. She makes her recall that Basu industry belongs to her. She says to Rakhi that is she ever upsets her that she will stop transferring money to her.

Further, Anurga’s adviser tells to Anurag that foreign investors are ready to invest in their company. Komolika says yes to the deal.  Later, Prerna enters and wind blows. Basu’s satnds confused. Prerna recalls the betrayal by Basu’s. They gets shocked seeing Prerna.

Mr. Bajaj enters too and stands aside Prerna. Anurag’s manager reveals to Basu’s that Bajaj and Prerna is their foreing investor. Anurag stands shocked seeing Bajaj and recall his moment with her. Basu’s gets to know that Prerna won the auction.

Komolika drags Anurag to the room and asks him how he felt seeing Prerna. Episode ends with Komolika threatening Anurag. She says if he has plot that keeping distance from Prerna will keep her happy than she will make Prerna suffer in her life.

Next week: Mohini meets Prerna and threatens her.