Kasauti Zindagi kay 14th October 2019 Written Update: Komolika is back and Anurag challenges Rishab

The episode starts with Prerna crying in front of Durga maa that she can’t bear it anymore. Outside Shivani cries and blames herself for Ronit’s entry. Anurag says that it’s not her fault but only Prerna’s who took this stupid decision. He cries that all these while he was wondering what wrong did he do that she left him. He asks Shivani to go home and asks cher to neither call or message Prerna. He says that he will talk himself with her and goes inside.

He finds her near God idol and asks why did she do this. He asks how could she hide such a big thing from him. He says all these months he was under wrong impression only to know that she was doing everything only to keep him alive and save him front jail. How could she take such a big decision. He calls her only to find her sleeping. She sleeps on him and Anurag recalls all the moments with her. He too falls asleep.

Next morning Prerna wakes up only to find herself close to Anurag. Anurag to wakes up and she starts leaving but Anurag calls her. He says that nothing could separate them anymore not even Bajaj. Prerna simply leaves. Anurag promises himself to prove that he’s not the one behind the attack.
Komolika wakes up and acts all nervous.

She asks for mirror and gets shocked seeing some other face in it. She recalls all the moments and starts acting mad. She throws all the things and threatens the doctor with knife. Doctor says that her face was completely damaged and so it’s necessary.

Nurse calls his brother and he comes in. Komolika sees him and stops.
Anurag meets Bajaj and fumes seeing him. He blames him for separating two lovers.

Anurag says that he got to know the truth behind the marriage. He says that she married him only to save him and his family. Komolika’s brother calms her down while Komolika says that even dad couldn’t identify her. He asks which dad is she talking about, the one who threw her outside and handed over her to police. Anurag says that he forced her to marry him so that his life will be saved. He says that Prerna loves only Anurag and no one else. Komolika’s brother asks the doctor to leave and says that it’s him who asked them to change her face. Komolika says that how will Anurag identify her now. Her brother scolds her that Anurag doesn’t care about her even a bit.

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Anurag challenges Rishab that he’ll destroy his evil motive and will prove him in front of everyone. He says about hearing everything from the recorded video. Komilika’s brother says about Anurag and Prerna separated and she gets happy. She decides to get back Anurag once again. Anurag challenges Rishab to prove his innocence.

Precap : Anurag records the goon confessing Bajaj’s hand in the attack. Komolika to enter back into Anurag’s life.