Kasauti Zindagi Kay 16th August 2019 written update:- Prerna and Bajaj argues again

The episode starts with Bajaj is asking Prerna to give more efforts to make her mother understand. If she gets her points then she can be by her side and can approve her marriage with Prerna too. Moreover, Prerna will be able to get back the love of her mother which she misses so much post her marriage.

Prerna gets in deep thinking about the words of Mr. Bajaj. Prerna feels Mr.Bajaj still has a special place in his heart for his mom.

Anurag is in London and doing some official work when the hotel room service served him with food in the hotel room. He was about to eat it when it reminded him about the time when Prerna brought food for him in jail. He keeps the food aside and calls Prerna. She is making the list ready for Kuki’s birthday and she picks the call of Anurag. He says to her that he was thinking about her and got hold of a scissor. A scissor which can cut paper, clothes and can also cut her relationship with Mr.Bajaj too.

The nuptial chain she has in her neck after anybody else’s name can but cut off with it as well. Prerna cuts the call and thinks talking to you is equals to giving you hope. Anurag says I will move forward but with you only and no one else.

Here the birthday decorations are going into the house for Sneha. Veena appears in the house with her event management team to do the decorations. Mohini comes and meets her and asks why she is here? Veena says but it’s Basu house so obviously, the function is from your side.


Prerna comes down to asks for decorations when Veena notices her and asks her what are you doing in Basu Mansion? Prerna blames Anurag for trying to snatch Bajaj’s house and Bajaj got angry for it.

Veena says and that is why all of you came here to stay at Basu Mansion. Is there any humanity left in you people? Have you completely lost the sense of emotions, feelings and says I came here to do my job not to meet you so don’t talk to me.

Tanvi notices the whole fiasco and later Prerna notices Bajaj is giving money to Veena. She thinks to shift my attention from Basu family Mr.Bajaj brought my mom here to humiliate her. She decides to confront Mr. Bajaj and asks him why did you call my mom in spite of knowing where does she work? Bajaj and Prerna get into an argument. Here Tanvi informs her mom about the happenings in the house.

Later Nivedita and Veena collided with each other and Nivedita gets shocked to see her there and talks to her rudely. She says this party is for Mr.Bajaj’s daughter. She mocks her by saying you always dreamt of a big house, big mansion then, congratulations it’s done. You have got a big mansion, elder son-in-law and elder daughter of him as well and leaves from there.

Here Prerna shows Kuki her birthday dress and asks if it is pretty? She says let’s go and get ready when Tanvi enters the Kuki room and realizes Kuki regards Prerna so close to her that she is not even letting Prerna go away from her room at all. She thinks no matter how much you try for Rishabh you are just a nanny for his daughter and nothing else. Massi tells Tanvi she will now do conspiracy and Veena will become the reason for it.

Precap – All cut birthday cake but a piece of chandelier falls on Mr.Bajaj and he gets unconscious. Veena gets shocked with the whole happenings.