Kasauti Zindagi kay Written Update 16th October 2019 :- Bajaj’s attempts to kill Anurag

The episode starts with Anurag and Anupam discussing about the proof and Bajaj watches it from outside. He is smoking and Anurag identifies the smoke. He goes to check out but finds none. He asks Anupam to leave as he needs to sleep. Anurag thinks that knowing well about Bajaj he’s sure that he will try to kill him before he exposes him. He prepares himself for Bajai’s attack.

Bajaj recalls about his Manager saying about Anurag getting to know about the truth. Komolika speaks to Anurag photo and says that he she’s a coming back for him and this time he himself beg her to accept him. He Bajaj thinks that he can’t risk saying that Anurag has paid him to give statement against him as with proof he’s well aware that Prerna will trust Anurag and definitely not him. He says that now there is only one way to get rid of Basu and that’s to kill him. He thinks that he always love to see people suffering but Anurag chose the easiest way. He says that everything is fair in love and war and goes.

He goes to Anupam’s room and locks it from outside. Prerna leaves to get Kukki’s clothes and Rishab thinks that they have not returned yet. He locks Mohini and Sharda’s room too. He then wonders if Prerna returned and goes to check and finds Prerna and Kukki sleeping hugging each other. He thinks that from today no one can separate their one happy family. He comes out and locks their door too. He then disconnects the wire of the Cctv camera. Molly sees it and wonders what is he doing. He then opens a box and takes a knife out of it along with mask. Moloy gets shocked seeing it.

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Rishab too sees Moloy and goes to him. He says that he’s going to kill Anurag. He’s wearing the mask for two reasons – one because he likes it and the other because he want Anurag die in suspense. Moloy begs him to not do so but he doesn’t listen. He starts leaving for stairs when Moloy shouts Onu waking Anurag.

Rishab praises his improvement and gives the credit to him. He then tears the curtain and ties his hands, legs and mouth using it. He then pushes the chair and Moloy falls down on floor. He leaves to Anurag room. He’s about to stab Anurag when Anurag wakes up and they both get into a fight. Anurag dodges Rishab”s attack and they both continue fighting. Everyone wakes up with the the noise but finds their door locked and gets shocked

They both finally manages to escape their locked door only to find Moloy tied to up. Anurag is still struggling with Rishab and takes off his mask. Moloy tries getting up but falls down. Prerna rushes to Anurag room.

Precap : Prerna says Bajaj that she married him only because she don’t want him to harm Anurag. She says that if something happens to Anurag then even she will not be alive. Bajaj says not a word more and pushes Prerna and is about to stab Anurag. Kukki sees this and runs to him but slips and her head hits a glass base. Everyone gets shocked.