Kasauti Zindagi Kay 17th September 2019 Written Update: Anurag regains consciousness!

Today’s episode starts with Mr. Bajaj receiving a call by someone. Kuki comes and hugs Mr. Bajaj. He asked Kuki is she here to say good night. Koki signals and ask for Prerna. Bajaj says she is busy and later, asked her to accompany him to meet Prerna. Kuki gets happy.

Tani and Sharda hides in Mohini’s room. Anupam brings Moloy and says now he will help him to keep him on bed. Meanwhile, Tani and Sharda check the photos and gest happy. She sees a pen drive and thinks now she will destroy evidences against her.

Anupam goes out of the room and the duo too goes out of the room hiding from Moloy. Mohini sees Tanvi and Sharda and ask are they searching coins. Tani says she lost her ring. Mohini thinks she knows they are lying but she will think later about them.

Mohini goes to Moloy and says she’ll be back after changing. Moloy thinks he understands what she is going through but he I helpless.

Kuki comes and meets Prerna. She sees Anurag and plants a kiss to him. Prerna hugs Kuki. Doctor comes and Mr. Bajaj asks about Anurag’s health. Docotr says he is recovering well and why not every man fears his wife. He says she scolded him as if demanding him to wake up. Prerna clarifies to doctor that she is Bajaj’s wife not Anurag’s wife. Doctor stands shocked. Mr. Bajaj says he is mistaken. Doctor apologizes to Prerna and Bajaj.

Mohini talks with Moloy and says she knows Anurag loves her but she didn’t know he loves Prerna more than her. She tells Anurag didn’t respond to her voice but he reacted on Prerna’s voice. She says she is grateful to Prerna for saving Anurag’s life but she knows Prerna did all this to save Bajaj from getting punished.

Sharda ask Tanvi to delete pictures from pen drive. The duo talks with each other. Sharda tells to Tanvi that Bajaj’s motive was to ruin Basu’s but because of Prerna his focus is getting shifted. Tanvi ask Sharda did she know why Bajaj wants to destroy Basu’s. Sharda diverts the talk. Tanvi thinks why Bajaj wants to ruin Basu’s.

Tanvi goes to Bajaj and talks with him. Mr. Bajaj ignores and tries to leave. Tanvi hugs Bajaj and says she can’t see him in this condition. Tanvi tries to manipulate Bajaj against Prerna. Bajaj ask Tanvi not a word against Prerna.

Mr. Bajaj thinks he needs to focus on his motive before it gets late. Tanvi thinks if Bajaj will keep ignoring her than she will have to think about Anurag.

Kuki sleeps beside Anurag holding his hand. Doctor out there says looking her none can say she has a daughter. Prerna says but she is her mother. Anupam comes and ask Prerna to go and have some rest. Doctor too asks Prerna to go. Prerna says she will take Kuki. Anupam says he will take Kuki.

Sharda thinks the truth should never come out. Tanvi informs Sharda that Bajaj fallen in love with Prerna. Sharda says it is a good sign. The duo talks with each other. Otherside, Anupam brings Kuki to her room. Prerna makes her sleep. Anupam apologizes to Prerna for talking rudely with her. Prerna ask him not to be sorry.

Anupam further ask is she happy with this marriage. Prerna says she got what she wanted in return of this marriage. Bajaj thinks his moments with Prerna. Prerna comes back to her room. Bajaj adores her secretly.

Prerna about to change her dress. Bajaj says he is awake and she can turn on the lights. Prerna stands shocked. Bajaj ask about Anurag. Prerna says he is better. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Bajaj says to Prerna that he married to her for Kuki’s sake and wants to keep their relationship like that only. Tanvi gets ready to flirt with Anurag. Inspector asks Bajaj to come with them. Bajaj ask but he came to file the report by himself. Anurag comes down and says he called police and blames Bajaj for his accident. Everyone stands shocked.