Kasauti Zindagi kay 18th October 2019 Written Update: Moloy recovers and Bajaj to have a change of heart

Episode begins with Mr. Bajaj collides with Anurag. Others r tensed seeing them. Mr. Bajaj warns Anurag to stay away from him as he has hatred for him. It will be better for Anurag if he stays away from him. If he again loses his control he may again try to kill him. Others seem disturbed by Mr. Bajaj’s words. Anurag reluctantly says if Mr. Bajaj still think that if he can kill Anurag, Prerna is Anurag’s love, his wish and he will not go anywhere without fulfilling that wish. Hearing that Mr. Bajaj leaves him behind & recalls Prerna & says if something happens to his child all will suffer. Nurse calls Anurag and says no need for senior doctor as his father gained consciousness and he wants to meet his son Anurag. Anurag seems happy & thanks the nurse. Anurag then tries to confirm if his father only says that and not someone else. Nurse says yes. Anurag then thanks the nurse again in joy.

On the other hand Mohini is seen crying holding Moloy in arms, other family members r present there. Doctor asks Mohini to relax and she is giving stress to the patient. But Moloy signals the doctor to stop. Moloy is happy seeing Mohini care & Tapur hugs him in between. He also teases Anupam & hugs him. Anurag enters the room in hurry, sees his father. Moloy calls Anu and both of them hug each other tightly.

On the other hand Prerna is seen donating blood fr Kukki. Apna hi Apna plays as she remembers her moments with Kukki. She starts shedding tears. Nurse gives her juice after treatment and says her blood has reached the child & she will be fine soon. Prerna stands up & goes to check on Kukki, Prerna asked Nurse how is the child, Nurse informs her that Prerna can’t go inside as treatment is going on and she has to wait outside. But if Prerna wants she can meet Mr. Moloy as he is fine now. Prerna asks if Moloy gained consciousness Nurse says yes. Prerna turns her back & collides with Mr. Bajaj but she moves forward. Mr. Bajaj asks Nurse if Blood is arranged then Nurse says that Prerna has donated her blood.

Anurag’s mom & sister comes and asks wht happened. Mr. Bajaj says Prerna has donated blood and they become happy.

Later Anurag and Anupam help Moloy to walk. Prerna enters the room & becomes very happy so is Moloy. Both of them hug each other in happiness. Anurag seems happy while Mohini looks on. Prerna says Moloy that he starts walking then Moloy says he starts talking too. He says Prerna that he is very sorry for her losing her father. He can’t fill up the place of her own father but Prerna is his daughter and he is her father, Prerna keeps crying.

Mr. Bajaj stands outside the operation theatre. As the doctor comes out he asks him abt Kukki’s condition. Doctor informs that Mr. Bajaj can’t meet Kukki at this time & leaves. Anurag says Mohini he will talk fr Moloy’s discharge. Nurse enters the room, tells Prerna to leave all this & come with her. Prerna asks her what’s happened! Nurse ask her to come, Moloy also tells her to go. Prerna comes to Bajaj family and asks what happened to Kukki! She enters the operation theatre and becomes happy seeing Kukki.

Kukki calls Maa but was about to fall. As Prerna and Mr. Bajaj both comes forward Kukki says No to Mr. Bajaj & smiles at Prerna. She throws her arms to hug Prerna & Prerna hugs her. Prerna says she is very happy as Kukki is fine & she is talking. They shower each other with love. Kukki remembers what happened earlier and tells Mr Bajaj that he has tried to hurt her mom. Prerna consoles her saying she loves Kukki a lot ,Kukki also says the same. Then Kukki says she doesn’t want to talk to his dad.

Prerna tell her that dad also loves Kukki a lot, since he knows that Kukki loves her mumma, he brings her to meet Kukki and whatever he has done he has done it for Kukki only as he loves her a lot. Kukki nods & says but Prerna loves Anurag right! Prerna says she loves Kukki too. Later Prerna tells Kukki how much Mr. Bajaj loves Kukki and can’t live without her. If Kukki won’t talk to him, he will be hurt, she also says Mr. Bajaj is alone & had none around him except Kukki. Kukki throws her arms & hugs Mr. Bajaj. Abhi Mujhme kahin plays. Others r happy seeing it. Later Mr. Bajaj carries Kukki outside the operation theatre & comes face to face with Basu family.

Moloy remembers how Mr. Bajaj tries to kill him. Later Basu family brings Moloy home while welcoming rituals r being done.

Kumud asks Mohini about Prerna & Mr. Bajaj later she is shocked seeing Prerna entering the house & tries to stop her. Moloy scolds her for her behaviour & defends Prerna saying she is like his daughter. And she along with Mr. Bajaj’s aunt & Tanvi will stay in that house only. Mr. Bajaj also enters the house with Kukki & enquiries about someone’s arrival. A person enters with an envelope who hands over it to Bajaj. He goes to Anurag and says Anurag said he never let her belongings to go to another person, same goes with Mr. Bajaj. Kumud asks if the house now belongs to him fully but Mr. Bajaj shuts her up. He then tells Prerna that he has brought the papers for her & asks her to see it. Prerna opens it and gets shocked seeing the divorce paper of her and Mr. Bajaj.

Precap : Rishab unites Anurag and Prerna. Anurag fills Prerna’s forehead with sindoor.