Kasauti Zindagi Kay 19th August 2019 written update:- Prerna and Bajaj dances together in the party

The episode starts with Bajaj, Prerna and Sneha come in the hall area and Bajaj wishes Sneha happy birthday and they start to celebrate it. Bajaj takes Sneha in his lap and kisses her whereas she in return asks him for her gift.

Bajaj pretends not to bring any gift for her and says that I am sorry but I forgot to bring a gift for you. Sneha gets upset and everybody looks at her in an adorable way when Bajaj bends down and says to her that your gift is here and no need to be upset today. He calls a servant and asks him to bring her gift and Sneha gets delighted.

The event management boys bring a very big box in front of Sneha as a gift from her father. Bajaj asks Sneha to guess what is in the box before opening at and she looks at Prerna for answer but the princess she has no idea what is in it? Bajaj says I will give you a hint and he told Prerna that this gift has something which is connected to your first meeting with Kuki.

Prerna smiles looking at Kuki and says that means this gift has a very big teddy bear for you. Kuki gets really excited and she looks at the box when Bajaj opens the lead and start taking out the balloons and takes out the teddy for her. Veena watches all this from a distance and she calls Prerna at a corner to talk.

She asks Prerna that this is just the beginning of life and she is taking so much of a headache for herself. Shadow fight spinner that being playful and Frank with the child is a different thing but do a bring and raised up a child is an altogether different thing and it is not a cakewalk.

Massi comes there and tells Prerna that Kuki is looking for her and left from the place whereas Veena feels suffocated and decides to leave as soon as possible. Mr. Vyas asked Veena to be there till the party gets over as looking for the comfort of the guests is also their responsibility.

Tanvi comes in the hall area and announces that there is a surprise coming for all of you and announce sense that Bajaj will dance in the party for his daughter. Mr. Bajaj gets conscious and tells her that he is not doing any performance when Kuki requests him to dance on her birthday party as she wants to see him dancing. Bajaj feels helpless does he agrees for the dance performance and then we say that she will accompany him.

Sneha brings Prerna and asks Mr. Bajaj to dance with her and settles on the couch to see them dancing. Mohini comes down and gets shocked to see Prerna and Bajaj dancing together and remember how Prerna and Anurag are dancing here in their engagement. Massi decides to provoke Veena to create a rift between Prerna and Mr. Bajaj, thus she goes behind Veena and humiliates her. Mohini accidentally listens to their talk and realizes that she thought of Veena in a wrong way she is not at fault for this mess.

Later on maasi and then we made a plan to make Veena the scapegoat for creating a rift between Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. She says Prerna will side by her mother and in this way, they both will part ways and our motive will be achieved. But someone from the corner listens to their talk and hides.

Mr. Bajaj and Prerna dancing together in the whole area where they both gets into a light argument about what they should do and what they shouldn’t? Moreover, Bajaj tells Prerna not to doubt him every time and trusts his intentions. After completing the dance both look at Sneha who is so happy and delighted, deconvert her I love you through science and she gets happier.

Precap – The hanging falls on Bajaj and he gets hospitalized, Police arrives at Prerna’s maternal house to arrest Veena.