Kasauti Zindagi kay 1st November 2019 Written Update: Anurag and Prena reminsces their college moments

Episode starts with Veena and Everyone gets shocked seeing Anurag carrying Prerna in arms. ANurag says Prerna injured her leg that’s why he is helping her. Veena asks them to come inside. Veena thinks Anurag is behaving like past one seems like he really lost his memory.

Anurag greets everyone and says this is we called home. Veena reminsces past events. Everyone shocked seeing Sonalika. Anurag introduces Sonalika as his wife to Prerna family.

Mohini assembles everyone in hall and explains them because of sweet lady like Sonalika they got their Anurag. She helped some stranger without expecting anything and I’m proud Anurag saved her from foster marriage but here we all know Anurag,Prerna loves eachother.than Mohini says no one will tell Sonalika about Anurag and Prerna. Anupam asks why can’t they say anything to Sonalika. Moloy also supports Anupam and says they have to inform everything to Sonalika.

Anurag apologies them for revealing shocking news. Sonalika says Anurag lost his conscience after accident and when he is fine destiny United them in marriage. Sonalika says she is very happy with destiny. Anurag reveals he don’t remember last 2years things and gives his condolences for losing Rajesh. Anurag asks Venna to inform him if they ever needs something. veena nods and left the place. Suman asks what’s they need to drink chai or coffee. Sonalika says chai and Anurag thinks and Prerna says Chai for him but Sonalika says Coffee for Anu. Anurag supports Prerna and ask for Chai. Sonalika goes to washroom.

Mohini asks Anupam and Moloy can they assures her Anurag won’t get to know from Sonalika and she won’t leave him after knowing he loves someone. Mohini says she is selfish and can’t lose Anurag. And orders no one will tell Sonalika about Anurag and Everyone agrees.

When he is alone with Prerna, Anurag says whole college used to say you talk many words but they don’t know you only talk four words. Prerna says she talks more to others but he is boring. Anurag says this is bad news for Sonalika because her husband is boring.

Venna cries thinking Prerna condition and Shivani tries to console her. Veena says how can Lord do this with Prerna, she is pregnant with Anurag’s child, he married Sonalika. Sonalika smirks seeing their years and thinks they are crying with her entry only what will happen when she starts her actual play. Veena says she will take Prerna far from this city. Sonlakia thinks it’s good news and left the room. Shivani says she felt like someone came to their room and overhears our convo to Vienna.

Anurag asks her how she is feeling. She says better. Seeing her anklets Anurag says he felt like he saw this one. Prerna says these r normal so anyone can have them. They share some moment and Anurag asks did they talk in these two years anything else more than 4lines. Sonalika sees them injures herself to break their moment. Anurag helps Sonalika and asks Prerna to take care of herself.

Precap – Anurag asks Prerna if she is hiding anything in her heart. Anurag says to Mohini today he felt like he went to Prerna house many times and connected to them. Mohini denies saying there is no connection. Prerna says Anurag only remembers college Prerna. He forgot his Prerna. Sonalika thinks now Anurag belongs to her