Kasauti Zindagi Kay 21st August 2019 written update:- Mohini gets a clue against Sharda mausi

The episode starts with Prerna wish Mr. Bajaj to get well soon and says Kuki is really worried for you. The nurse in the word asks pranita to fix the pillow of Mr. Bajaj. She softly lifts up Mr. Bajaj head and places the pillar properly so that he can rest.

In the Basu mansion, Sharda gets into an argument with Nivedita and says you always talk so aggressively. Nivedita replies that might all way of talking depends on who is on the other side. She says you are standing in Basu mansion, this is my house and Mr. Bajaj is the 50% owner of this house and who are you in between us? Sharda wants Nivedita not to try to hurt her or else she will have to face the consequences.

Prerna is standing in Mr. Bajaj cabin when she gets a call from Shivani. Shivani asks about Mr. Bajaj health and Prerna very normally answers that he is out of danger now. Prerna then asks about Veena when Shivani says that police have arrested Veena hence she doesn’t want her to be in contact with them. She says from today never ever try to contact us in any way.

Sharda is conversing with Tanvi about making Prerna exit from the life of Mr. Bajaj. She says that she has taken huge respect this time but to achieve something big risk is necessary. Tanvi asks her what sort of risk she is talking about and she says that she has filed a complaint against Prerna’s mother. Thambi gets shocked and says printable not sit idle, she will definitely do something. Sharda says she exactly wants when Debu da comes to call Sharda. Devdas says Mohini is calling Sharda in her room that she has something important to talk. Sharda refuses to meet Mohini and says if she wants to talk she has to come to her room as she is not interested in talking to her.

Prerna reaches in the police station where Shekhar, Suman is already waiting for the police inspector. Shivani went to meet Veena in the meanwhile. Suman slams Prerna for being cold-hearted. She says which daughter hire her mom for housework? Ok fine you called her and she went and did her job and for a small mistake, you people lodge a police complaint against her? Prerna says I didn’t do anything and I don’t think any one from my family also did it. Prerna insists to meet Veena but Shekhar asks her to wait until the police come there.

Mohini is smiling sitting in her room when Nivedita asks her why she is happy even after knowing how humiliating reply she sent through Debu da.

Mohini smiles and says it will be interesting to see someone arrogance is getting destroyed in front of my eyes. I love my kids so much and that aunt of Mr. Bajaj insulted you so now we will show her mirror and bind her to her limits. Maasi and Tanvi come to the Kuki room and tries to manipulate her against Prerna’s mother and Prerna. She gets upset but says nothing. Mohini comes there and asks Sharda’s name and says I was calling to talk about an important matter. Sharda says I am not interested, Mohini says may you will regret not turning up in my room.

Shivani and Prerna get into an argument. Shivani asks Prerna to stay away from them. Mohini warns Sharda again that showing her arrogance can cost her only. Mohini says If my ego got hurt I will reveal your reality in front of the world.

Precap – Prerna gets to know about Mr.Bajaj noble intention for Veena.