Kasauti Zindagi kay 21st October 2019 Written Update: Anurag and Prerna to reunite again?

The episode starts with Bajaj giving divorce papers to Prerna shocking her. Anurag too reads it and gets shocked. Bajaj says that he has signed them and asks her to sign too.

He apologizes Anurag for snatching his love from him. He says that Prerna has sacrificed everything for Anurag and there’s nothing that could be done to make Prerna forget Anurag. He says love is sacrifice and he has finally understood the depth of their love. He says that he has learnt to respect their love finally. He apologizes Moloy and goes to Anurag. He says that he will understand that he had forgiven him once he gets married to Prerna. He takes Anurag hand and keeps it on Prerna uniting them. Prerna gets extremely happy so is Moloy. Mohini is however not happy of the relation and storms off to her room. Prerna and every one gets worried.

Moloy comes to Mohini and says that finally his dream of seeing Prerna and Anurag getting married is going to be fulfilled. He says that Prerna’s father is always against the marri as they both are completely opposite to each other but opposite always attracts. Mohini says she can’t accept the marriage as Prerna is not the right choice for her son. Moloy says that it’s her problem. He asks her to either accept Prerna and join their happiness and stay away and witness the marriage. He says that Prerna and Anurag marriage will take place at all cost shocking Mohini.

Prerna is with Kukki and Bajaj comes there. He gives her the good news of hers and Anurag marriage the next day. He says that Kukki considers her as her mother and asks her to talk to her frequently so that she doesn’t miss her. Prerna says that she’s Kukki’s mother and will always be. He asks Prerna to confess to Anurag about her pregnancy. Prerna agrees and leaves. Bajaj says in mind that he loves her so much and will keep loving her forever. He says that she has learnt him to sacrifice for one’s love and he’s doing it. He just hopes for no one’s evil eye to be casted on them.

Komolika is seen making plans to enter back into the life of Anurag. Anurag and Prerna looks emotionally at each other. He says she’s lucky that he didn’t leave her even even she asked him to. Komolika says that she’ll prove that her love is true and not Prerna’s. Anurag says Prerna about the recording. He kisses her forehead and hugs her. He asks Prerna to promise that she will not hide any problem from him and will face it together. Prerna is about to confess about her pregnancy but Anurag stops her. He says that their bond is for seven births and asks her if he can fill her forehead with sindoor again.

Precap : Anurag and Prerna to get married. Komolika gets to know this and decides to make Anurag hers