Kasauti Zindagi Kay 22nd July 2019 written update- Anurag confronts Prerna in Zurich

The episode begins with Prerna and Bajaj are arguing at the Opera house. Prerna says I have already told you that I am physically, emotionally and mentally depended on Anurag then how dare you arrange the suite bed for our night? Moreover, you are aware that I am pregnant with Anurag’s child. If anyone has right on me then it’s only Anurag and no one else.

Bajaj says If you are done with your talk then can I say something? I am in no mood to get attached with you in any means, moreover, I am not insensitive to ignore the fact of you being pregnant and being attached to Mr. Basu emotionally. Prerna told him that to make Anurag away from business and everything he snatched his love Prerna, he wants to take over Basu industries. Whereas, Bajaj says you thought of very wrong about me. Anyways, neither I married you to demean you nor to make Anurag Basu lose in business. I never used women for business agendas. I will wait for you at the hotel lobby, Prerna thinks what can be his reason than to marry me?

Anurag is in Bajaj room where he gets flashbacks of old days and he feels pained. Bekheyali song plays in the background. He destroys the decoration in the room and puts the red scarf of Prerna on fire and throws it on the bed. He breaks down on the floor and screams in pain. Here Mr. Bajaj and Prerna returned to the hotel and ask for keys when receptionist informs them that their suite is on fire. Mr.Bajaj thinks that he left back some of his important files in the room while Prerna thinks the last memory of Anurag is in the room as well. The enter the room with the blanket on and sees Anurag on the floor, Prerna shouts in fear and asks the people to rescue him. Here in Kolkata, the police come in Basu house and inform Mohini that Anurag location is in Zurich, Switzerland. Mohini calls Nivedita and informs her the same, Nivedita thinks Anurag must come to confront Prerna and Anurag and wonders why he did so?

Here Prerna gets scared for Anurag while Mr. Bajaj goes to find a doctor. Prerna asks Anurag to open his eyes and wake up. Prerna rests her head on his chest while Anurag recalls everything and free himself from Prerna. They are Grossmunster, Zurich where Prerna follow s Anurag and asks him to rest until fully recovered. Anurag asks Prerna to back off and not to show fake concern.

Anurag confronts her and asks why did he do to deserve this? He asks her for answers and says at least an explanation I deserve. He says if you did this because I got married to Komolika back then, I am sorry. I have no alternative choice and you know I have to look after my family. Prerna asks Anurag not to create drama here and they will talk once they will return home. Anurag says out of everyone I am doing drama? What you did is what a perfect drama looks like. He suggests to forget everything and let’s start afresh. He begs her to answer while Prerna tries hard to pretend to be strong and cold in front of him.

Precap: Anurag and Mr. Bajaj face off and he decided to teach Mr.Bajaj and Prerna a lesson.