Kasauti Zindagi kay 22nd October 2019 Written Update: Anurag and Prerna’s wedding day

The episode starts with Anurag asking permission from Prerna to fill her forehead with sindoor and Prerna smiles. Anurag fills her forehead with Devi maa’s sindoor and Prerna gets emotional. They get reminded of their past and hug each other.

Mohini is in her room and recalls Moloy’s words. She also recall Prerna’s words when Anurag was in the hospital. After a lot of inner battle she gets and goes to the cupboard. She takes the sarees from it.

Komolika is lost in Anurag’s thoughts when Ronit asks why’s she cooped up in the room for Anurag. She says that Anurag is the only reason for her to live and promises to make him hers at any cost. She acts all obsessive over Anurag.

Mohini comes to Anurag’s room and wakes him up. She shows him different sarees and Anurag says that she won’t wear these types of sarees. Mohini says he’s right and says that they are for Prerna. Anurag gets happy and selects one and Mohini says that she too selected the same. She’s about to gift it to Prerna but Anurag wants to accompany her. Mohini agrees and Anurag leaves to get ready but not before hugging Mohini. He says that he’s happy to see her happy.

After Anurag leaves Kumud comes there and taunts her for accepting Prerna. Mohini says that she just wants her son happy and can even drink poison with a smile if needed. Kumud then asks what if the poison turns their life into poisonous. Mohini shuts her and asks her to do her work.
Anurag comes to Prerna room and bumps with her. They both have a cute moment and Mohini comes there. She gifts Prerna the wedding dress and ancestral bangles.

Prerna is about to bend to take her blessings but Mohini stops her and hugs her. Anurag too joins them. Moloy and Anupam come there and get happy seeing the scene in front of them. Bajaj comes there and says that he has made all the arrangements for the wedding. He urges everyone to get ready for the wedding. Kukki comes there and hugs Prerna saying that she will make her ready. Prerna agrees.
Anupam and Moloy have a cute moment over their dress selection and their nok jhok continues.

Bajaj makes arrangements for the wedding when Tanvi comes there and apologizes to him for revealing the truth to Anurag. He asks her to let it go. Bajaj compliments Anurag and adjusts his dress. Anurag leaves to check on Pandit. Sharda sees Bajaj in pain and says that she can understand his pain. Bajaj says that he’ll tolerate till he can. Pandit comes and the wedding preparations starts.

Ronit informs Komolika about Prerna’s divorce and she gets happy over it. Her happiness is short-lived as she gets to know about Anurag and Prerna’s marriage. She determines to stop the marriage at any cost as she claims Anurag to be only hers.

Precap: Bajaj bids farewell to Prerna. Prerna informs her pregnancy to Anurag and Anurag gets happy. Komolika hits Anurag and he gets into an accident