Kasauti Zindagi Kay 23rd Aug 2019 written update:- Anurag makes a re entry in the Basu Mansion

The episode starts with Tanya getting panicked about Veena’s truth out to Mohini. Veena assures her that Mohini also hates Prerna and her family and will not help them for sure. She says even if she does only she’ll be exposed as she doesn’t know her involvement with her. She asks Tanya to visit Rishab in the hospital and act as if she’s in a bad condition to meet him.

Dr calls Prerna and informs her about Rishab’s condition. He asks her if he has any allergies for which Prerna doesn’t have an answer. He says he’ll get some more tests done to find about his allergy. Prerna nods and leaves to Rishab’s ward.

On her way, she remembers the company owner’s words and cries. She sees him lying unconscious on the bed and apologizes for misunderstanding him all the while and cries. She says that her mom is everything for her and by helping her he earned her respect. She also says that before she hated him as he separated her from her husband and forcefully married her. She adds that now she can’t hate him anymore after knowing the real him. She hesitantly keeps her hand on his and looks at him emotionally.

Tanya watches it from the glass door and gets shocked. She calls Veena informs about the change in the equation in their relation. She says that when he was admitted Prerna didn’t show any sort of emotions but now she’s crying for him. She’s worried if she really becomes his wife. Veena asks her not to panic as it won’t happen. She says Prerna loves Anurag this is because of all the care he showed on her. She asks her to not worry and says she has a bigger worry now. She says that Prerna will come to her and will ask to take her complaint back and is confused about what to do about it. Mohini arrives there and advises her to not release Veena and leave.

Nivedita watched Mohini being diplomatic with Sharda and gets doubtful. She questions Mohini of the same who gives a lame reason. Nivedita didn’t get convinced and says if it’s because of Veena and Mohini agrees to it. She says hates both Prerna and her family and they deserve this.

Prerna request Sharda to release her mom but Sharda acts all sweet with her and once again blames Rishab as the reason for her decision. She says Rishab won’t be happy if he gets to know that his culprit is not punished after gaining consciousness.

Tanya visits Rishab and looks at him lovingly. She sees his hand and gets reminded of Prerna touching it. She cleans it with tissues and expresses her love for him. Just then the doctor comes and checks him. He says he still hasn’t gained consciousness and will discuss his case with another doctor. Tanya asks if it’s necessary for her to stay the night but the doctor advises against it.

Prerna still didn’t get convinced and Sharda is about to say that she’ll take back the case but Sneha comes running towards them. She surpasses Sharda and goes and hug Prerna and cries holding her. Sharda takes use of the opportunity and diverts the topic by giving a lawyer number to Prerna to fight for the case

Precap: Veena apologizes Anurag for Prerna. He says that he’ll bail her at any cost. He visits Prerna and has an argument with her over Veena. He asks her to talk with her in-laws and take back the complaint