Kasauti Zindagi Kay 23rd July 2019 Written Update- Prerna lies to Anurag

The episode starts with Anurag is asking Prerna about the reason of she leaving him. Prerna thinks Anurag will never able to move on until he hates me. He has a life to spend so he has to hate me to start his life again. She swiped her tears and told Anurag she loves only Bajaj. Nivedita tells Anupam that mom informed me that Anurag is in Zurich, now tell me where we will find Anurag? Mr. Bajaj says he is in my room and he needs a doctor. Nivedita asks what did you do to him that he now needs a doctor? Mr.Bajaj says don’t react without listening to the whole thing. He says when I and Prerna were out, he entered our room and spoiled everything.

Here Prerna told Anurag that she is not in love with him but Mr.Bajaj. She says what will I do with your I love you and all these emotions. From my childhood days, I always craved for everything you and your sister has. I never get what I wanted from my life, my dad was loyal but he can’t achieve anything. That is why I thought to love you and marry me for your wealth. On the contrary, Mr.Bajaj was the most eligible bachelor wants to marry me, was interested in me. Who will reject such a golden opportunity? So I grabbed it and marry him. Anurag gets angry on her and slapped her. She says this slap will not hurt me, I have moved on now you also stop your melodrama and go away from here.

Anurag cries and asks her to reconcile and he will manage everything, he says I will give you anything you want but come back to me. Prerna says why are you behaving like this? It’s over now. I am his wife, my husband will be coming anytime so go away. Anurag left from there and Prerna also follows him, she says now you know why I did everything?

So why are you here? Go and lead your life, Anurag holds her hand and says one last question, if someday someone grabs more money than Mr. Bajaj, will you go to that person and leave Bajaj? Prerna keeps quiet and walks on while Anurag keeps on asking for answers, they left Munsterbruke, Switzerland.

Here on the other hand, Prerna comes back to her room and Anurag also follows her there, he says listen to me, just be with me rest everything I will take care of. Prerna says are you mad? Nothing can change the fact that I am Mr.Bajaj wife now so any efforts of yours will not change the fact for me. At the moment, Nivedita comes there asking for Anurag.

Mr. Bajaj asks the doctor to leave as Anurag seems alright. Anurag confronts Mr.Bajaj and says so this is your marriage? I have never burge in between someone’s right but what belongs to me I will take away that. Bajaj says you are controlled by your heart, even I have one but I don’t listen to it much. Anurag says I repeat I will get what belongs to me, be it with love or with hate and he leaves from there followed by Nivedita and Anupam.

Anurag, Nivedita, and Anupam are sitting beside Rhine Falls, where they are discussing the nature of Bajaj and Prerna when Anurag asks Nivedita to leave him alone for some time. He needs it badly, Nivedita and Anupam leaves and asks him to take care. Later on in Rapperswil, Switzerland, Nivedita shares with Anupam that whatever Anurag is doing is nothing but a waste of time. Here in Kolkata, Mohini gets collided with Veena and Shivani in the market where the shopkeeper tries to cheat them in the name of money, Mohini sees everything and come and offer him 100 rupees and asks to remember this family of cheat and liars.

Precap: Anurag avenges Bajaj and Prerna and he is following them everywhere they are going. He vowed to get everything back.