Kasauti Zindagi kay 23rd October 2019 Written Update: Prerna’s confession and Komolika sees Anurag

The episode starts with Komolika despite her brother’s warning about Basu’s hatred for her leaves to stop the wedding of Anurag and Prerna. Rishab sees Prerna getting ready with the help of Kukki. He sees Sharda and informs her about the flight. He says that he can’t tolerate it anymore and asks her to leave as soon as possible and Sharda agrees. Sharda and Rishab knock Prerna door and informs them about their departure. Prerna gets taken aback with it and asks why so soon. She looks emotionally at Kukki. Rishab thanks Prerna for all her help while Sharda compliments her for her beauty in and out. She takes Kukki with her to get ready. Rishab says that along with Kukki he will also miss her while Prerna keeps quite. He gives her a letter and leaves wishing for a bright future for her.

After he leaves Prerna reads the letter where he said that if in any case, she needed his help in future he’s always there for her to rely on. Komolika gets into the car and leaves for the wedding. Anurag sees Rishab alone and asks what happened. He says he saw bua and Kukki inside the car for which Rishab replied that he’s leaving. He says that he’s lucky to have Prerna and asks him to take proper care of Prerna. He says if not he needs to come back into her life. Anurag promises that such a situation will never arise and both wish each other.

Anurag comes to Prerna and informs about Pandit ji arrival. He says that Pandit has forgotten the chunri and Prerna says that she wants matarani chunri. Anurag promises to get it for her as she has asked something for their marriage. Prerna suddenly confesses that she’s pregnant shocking him to the core. She says that he’s going to become a father and Anurag goes into shock. He recalls their intimate moments and gets extremely happy. He goes mad in happiness and hugs Prerna. He speaks with his baby and promises to always be with him and his mother’s side from now. He leaves to get the chunri.

Mohini stops him and offers him her chunri but Anurag says that Prerna needs matarani chunri and goes despite her words. Moloy mocks Anurag for being scared for the wife just like him and Mohini glares him. Nivedita comes back home and everyone gets happy seeing her. She sees Moloy and hugs him emotionally and teary-eyed. Later she hugs Mohini. Anupam hugs her and asks if she’s fine and she nods yes. Nivedita asks for Anurag while Mohini takes her in.

Komolika on her way recalls her marriage with Anurag and asks how can he marry another time despite being married to her. Anurag gets the chunri and is on the way and Komolika sees him. She follows him and Prerna feels something bad

Precap: Komolika hits Anurag’s car and he falls down into the bridge