Kasauti Zindagi Kay 23rd September 2019 Written Update: Anurag deals with Mr. Bajaj!

Today’s episode opens with Bajaj and Prerna’s face off. Baja says to Prerna that he doesn’t want to talk with her. Prerna gets adamant to talk with him and further accuses him of doing drama and pretending himself innocent.

Ahead, in a talk, Mohini tells to Anurag that Prerna went to meet Bajaj in the jail. Prerna and Bajaj do argument. Bajaj says to Prerna that he will not come out until she believes that he is innocent. He pours his heart out Prerna. But Prerna ignores Mr. Bajaj. There, Mohini asks her friends to find a perfect match for Anurag who can accept him with his past.

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Sharda too comes to meet Bajaj. She asks Prerna to make Bajaj sign on the bail papers. Prerna says to Sharda that Bajaj is grown and can make his own decisions. Shivani along with Anurag comes to the police station. Anurag asks Shivani to come inside but Shivani doesn’t agree with him.

Another side Bajaj asks Prerna that he wants her to understand him. Prerna spots Anurag and recalls his words. She thinks to pretend in front of Anurag that she has moved on in her life with Mr. Bajaj. Anurag comes in and sees Prerna and Bajaj holding each other hands. Prerna says to Bajaj that without him the house is dull. Bajaj sees Anurag and holds Prerna back. He says he is glad she thought nice about him. Prerna leaves, Anurag gestures to go behind her but Bajaj asks Anurag to stop running behind his wife. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Anurag goes to Prerna and says he understands whatever she has done inside. He says no sooner she saw him she holded Bajaj’s hand. Prerna stands speechless. Further, Mohini asks Sharda, not to sent Prerna to anyone for seeking help because they had already done those mistakes once. Anurag deals with Bajaj and asks him to give back Prerna to him and in return, he will get jail. Later, Anurag talks with Anupam and Prerna overhears their talk.