Kasauti Zindagi kay 24th October 2019 Written Update: A fatal accident brings storm in the lives of Anurag and Prerna

The episode starts with Prerna senses something wrong with the sudden change in climate. Komolika follows Anurag’s car and hits him. Mohini and everyone too gets worried. Anurag’s car falls down the bridge and Anurag jumps out of it. A tear drop escapes out of Prerna’s eye without her knowledge. Komolika sees it and says that he’s always hers and nothing could change it.

A leap of one month.
Prerna is doing Arti in front of Goddess and Moloy and Nivedita joins the prayers. She gives arti to both. Mohini comes later and prays. Moloy asks why she’s late and Mohini says that she would have been if atleast Anurag was here and cries. She says that she’s missing her son and asks if he got any information. She says Pandit that she has arranged all the items for charity in temple. She leaves with Nivedita and Moloy prays that he knew that Prerna is very much in pain and is hiding for others.

Prerna is in kitchen and instructs maid for everyone’s food preference. Maid casually mentions about Anurag but shuts off seeing Prerna. Prerna says that he’ll be back soon.

Everyone is waiting for their breakfast and Tapur is about to sit in Anurag seat but Mohini stops her. Mohini asks about the case and gets hyper that there’s still no lead even after one month. Moloy mentions about Prerna and Mohini blames Prerna for Anurag as she’s the one who asked for matarani chunri but Nivedita controls her. Prerna serves breakfast for everyone.
A car comes and Anurag steps out of it. Prerna senses his presence and goes out.

She sees the lamp in the temple about to put off and holds the lamp. The sindoor flies in air and her forehead gets smeared with sindoor. She then leaves to her room and finds her photo with Anurag. She takes it and says that she feels so close him today. She cleans her face and sees the sindoor on her forehead and recalls Anurag filling her forehead with sindoor. She asks Where’s Anurag and when he’ll be back.

Anurag rings the doorbell and Mohini senses his presence. He goes to open it thinking it to be police. He opens the door to find Anurag and gets shocked and shouts onu. Everyone rushes hearing it while Prerna too sees them from upstairs. Moloy hugs crying Anurag followed by Mohini. She asks if he’s fine and he nods yes. Everyone too hugs him crying and asks where he was all the while. Prerna cries all stunned.

They take him in and Anurag says that he was in hospital all these days and woke up just day before yesterday. He says he got saved because of matarani’s blessings. He says that girl saved him and everyone asks whom. He says that he forgot leaving her outside and is about to call. A voice says that she can’t leave him even if he does. Komolika makes her entry and everyone looks at her surprised as none could identify her new face. She comes and stands beside Anurag and everyone stands confused.

Precap : Anurag apologizes and says that he got married to her without their blessings and everyone gets shocked to the core including Prerna.