Kasauti Zindagi kay 25th October 2019 Written Update: Komolika’s cooks up a fake story of her marriage with Anurag

The episode starts with Komolika entering the house and introduces herself as Sonalika. Anurag says that she’s the one who saved him. He also apologizes them for marrying her without their permission and blessings shocking everyone to the core.

Moloy is about to inform Anurag about Prerna but Sonalika stops him in the middle and says that Anurag is not cured yet. She says that Anurag is suffer partially memory loss and has forgot past two years of his lives. This comes as a shock for everyone.

Moloy tries recalling everything to Anurag and asks him to remember something. He asks him to try and remember but he couldn’t remember anything. Sonalika tries stopping them but they didn’t listen. Due to so much of pressure Anurag faints and everyone panics.

Sonalika enters Anurag room and finds doctor treating him. She gives his case file to doctor and thinks that she’s not here to see him weak or conscious. She thinks that she’s here to get back her rights. She sees his family tensed outside the room and starts acting.

She comes to Moloy and says that this is the reason she didn’t want them to stress him. She says that not only her but he also saved her life. She creates a fake story of getting married to a politician son without her consent and running away from home.

She recalls few people bringing Anurag from river in a bad condition and asks them to help her. She took him in his car and admitted in the hospital. She remembers Anurag regaining consciousness. He panics and asks to leave but gets shocked seeing the date. Sonalika introduces herself as his wife to him. Nivedita asks that how can she say that he’s his wife. She kooks up another story which didn’t happen at all and Anurag marrying her which is actually a lie too. She shows them fake videos and photos of their marriage and everyone gets shocked. She praises herself for her perfect story.

Precap : Prerna sees Mohini hugging Sonalika and thanks her for saving Anurag. Prerna asks him to wake up and cries. Sonalika says to nurse that if they keep trying to revive his memories then his life may be in danger. Mohini throws Prerna out.