Kasauti Zindagi Kay 25th September 2019 Written Update: Mr. Bajaj records Anurag’s confession

Today’s episode starts with Prerna and Bajaj recalling their past. Prerna thinks Bajaj has broken his promise and now she will take a stand against Bajaj and will support Anurag. There, Bajaj thinks that he has never broken his any promise but Prerna still believes in Anurag over him.

Other side, Anurag and Anupam discuss how they planned against Mr. Bajaj to trap him. Anurag recalls how after seeing Bajaj’s car he jumped in front of the car and risked his life. Anupam and Anurag discuss what they are going to do next. Prerna over hears their talk and cries.

Tanvi goes to meet Mr.Bajaj. Prerna gets angry and goes to confront Anupam. She asks Anupam why he supported Anurag. Anurag tries to interrupt but Prerna asks him not to utter a word. She cries and asks Anupam to answer her questions.

Bajaj ask Tanvi to stop accusing Prerna for everything. He berates Tanvi. Tanvi vents out at Bajaj and says he started loving her. Anurag goes behind Prerna.

Prerna yells at Anurag for plotting his own accident. Anurag confronts in front of Prerna and explains her why he plotted to trap Bajaj. Prerna says to ANurag that she has moved on in her life.

Anurag ask Prerna to give divorce to Bajaj. Prerna says to Anurag that she’ll bring Bajaj back. Anurag says he’ll not confess truth in front of Police. Tanvi speaks against Prerna. Bajaj supports Prerna.

Shivani says to Prerna she is fortunate to have Anurag, as a lover. Prerna says to Shivani that she has lost her mind too. Anurag ask Prerna what she feels about him. Prerna stands stunned. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Prerna goes to Mr. Bajaj and says she got to know he didn’t do the accident intentionally. Anurag discuss with Anupam about his plan. Mr. Bajaj records Anurag’s confession.