Kasauti Zindagi Kay 26th August 2019 written update:- Anurag comes to meet Veena

The episode starts with drainer is sitting besides sleeping Sneha and caressing her forehead. Suddenly the wind starts to blow faster, a signature from the bread and goes to close the windows. Prerna notices the moon on the sky and remembers Anurag’s words. She remembers he said to her once that how this moon is going to be their mediator if they someday stay far or be away from each other. She looks at the moon and says what should I do now? She thinks that her heart is not ready to accept that Mr. Bajaj can do such things in his anger. Maybe her mother will get imprisonment for years and she has no way out to save her. She feels that how she is going to deal with the fact If Bajaj in real makes Veena the prey of his rage.

In the morning, a flight landed in Kolkata and Anupam is standing at the airport to pick up Anurag. He is back in the city and Anupam says that he is so happy to see him back and see a smile on his face after long. Anurag says that if what he wants gets then he this smile will stay in his face forever. He asks Anupam to take him to the police station. Anupam asks him what he is trying to do when he says that he wants to meet Veena right now before going home. Anurag says he already has a word with his lawyer regarding Veena’s case and he assured him that she will be released from jail soon. Anurag and Anupam both procedures for the police station.

The constable comes to Veena’s lock up when she is lost in her memories of Prerna. She is upset that Prerna didn’t realize the need of letting her know the reason behind her change of decision at last moment for marriage. She says my disappointment with Prerna just increases more and more whenever I think about this matter.

The constable tells her someone is here to meet, she gets up and goes to meet him. She comes here and sees Anupam is standing, she looks up and spots Anurag and she feels guilty. She walks up to Anurag with a lower head and asks for an apology on behalf of Prerna. Anurag tell her this is not the time for these discussions, whatever happened to him is due to Prerna but still, he is not able to forget her. Veena gets overwhelmed with his words and says trainer was never worthy of him.

Anurag tells her Prerna is best for him and she is not a bad woman. He assures Veena that he will make her release from jail soon and that is why he came to meet her. Anurag goes out and meets his lawyer who says that Veena’s case has already gone to court, hence we have to apply to the court for her release. Prerna on the other side also discusses with her lawyer about the possibilities in the case. Her lawyer says it’s an open and shut case, hence she doesn’t need to worry much.

Anurag comes home and meets Prerna and taunts her saying people whom you call your family now is putting your own mother in jail. You left me for these very people but that’s a different thing now. You should leave those people not for me but for your own family. Prerna says my mother and Sharda both are my families and I know how to take care of my family members, you don’t need to interfere.

Anurag gets angry and says instead of showing me attitude and arrogance, you should have shown this to your new family members in state and convince them to withdraw the case. Anurag says I left my meeting at London for Veena aunty and I will save her just like the last time I did. He says I don’t have many expectations from you but still if you team up with me, I will surely try to find out the solution of this mess. Prerna refuses to team up with him, while Nivedita watches the whole scenario from a distance.

Precap – Sharda gives false statement against Veena, Anurag and Nivedita have a conversation regarding Prerna.