Kasauti Zindagi kay 28th October 2019 Written Update: Komolika succeeds in separating Anurag and Prerna

The episode starts with Komolika showing the pictures to the family. She thinks of them as fools as they believed the photoshopped images. She thinks that Anurag was present unconscious and is leaning towards a pillar and her with the technology made his eyes open. She says that she’s only happy to get married to Anurag. She says that it’s true that God decides the matches and there are already destined to be together. She recalls Anurag trying to save her but her falling from the bridge. Prerna hears and cries while Mohini hugs her thanking her for saving her son’s life. Komolika rolls her eyes at her drama.

The doctor instructs Nurse and leaves the room. Prerna enters the room and cries seeing Anurag. She sits beside him and places her hand over him. She asks him to wake up and say that he remembers her. She recalls their last meet and cries. She says she was very angry with him for leaving her. Prerna asks him to wake up and say that he’s fine.

Doctor informs that he studied the file and it matches with Anurag. He asks them not to force him to remember anything as it may be a risk and leaves. Mohini asks Where’s Prerna. Prerna says that the years which he had forgotten are the most memorable moments of their life and asks him to recall it. The doctor comes and Prerna asks him about Anurag. He says that the result is yet to arrive and will inform after that. Prerna is called by Mohini and she visits her. She asks Prerna to leave the house but Prerna denies.

She says that she loves Anurag and will never go leaving him. Mohini asks Moloy and he too asks her to leave with hesitation and Prerna gets shocked seeing it. She asks how could he ask her too to leave as they both love each other so much. She asks them to let her meet Anurag once and then he will recall all the past.

Prerna says that Anurag and her love each other a lot and she stands adamant to not leave the house. Mohini tries explaining her but she doesn’t listen. She asks them not to make him recall anything as he himself will remember once he sees her. The doctor comes out and says that whatever Komolika said is true. He says that his condition is very worse is suffering from retrograde amnesia. If they try to make him recall the past event then he may suffer brain stroke which may lead to coma. He asks them to not let anyone important from the past to meet Anurag as it may be dangerous for him.

Komolika visits Anurag’s room and convinces the nurse to inform the family to not recall Anurag’s past as it may dangerous for him. She rejoices her victory and Prerna comes there. She lets Prerna meet Anurag and watches them from the door. She gets happy seeing her condition.

Precap: Prerna decides to leave the house. Komolika to hit Prerna with a c