Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2nd August 2019 written update:- Prerna and Bajaj meets Abhay and Babli


The episode starts with Abhay Singh captures the groom and is intended to pick him up from his marriage for taking dowry for getting married. The groom cries and pleads to leave him as he is not the one who asked for dowry but Abhay is not ready to listen to him and asks his men to pack him in a bag. He reads out the list of demanded stuff but the groom still denied to accept that he did anything. Abhay comes out of the groom room and collided with Mr. Bajaj. Mr.Bajaj tells him that you don’t belong from this place.

Abhay gives his introduction and says I am Abhay Singh from Patna, “Shaadi aur Shraadh done karate he”. Bajaj asked him from when did you invest yourself in this wise workshop? Meanwhile, a girl came to Prerna and asks her if she spotted any good looking handsome guy around? Prerna says she is not aware of any such person there. The girl asks her if she is married? Prerna keeps mum. That girl asked so your marriage is a forceful affair? Prerna gets shocked and says it was actually the need of the hour and I have to do it. Then she spots Abhay with Mr. Bajaj and tells Prerna that I am looking for this guy. Abhay also notices her and says how come Babli appear here all of a sudden?

On the other hand, Babli comes there and asks Abhay to entertain them as promised though Mr. Bajaj gets a doubt. They performed on “Kharke glassy” in the marriage and Prerna enjoys it and she asks them who they are?

After some time, Bajaj and Prerna appeared at Bajaj mansion. Prerna comes down from the car and waits for her luggage while Mr. Bajaj says to her that her luggage will reach her room soon. She takes it and says no need as she can manage. They come home to find Bajaj’s Maasi and his cousin sister Tanvi at door to welcome them. Maasi asks her why so much hurry in getting married? Bajaj says it was necessary or else she will be someone else. Maasi welcomes them in home and compliments Prerna, she says even if she wants then also she can’t bring someone as beautiful as her and asks all to celebrate the arrival of their daughter-in-law Prerna. She asks Bajaj and Prerna to get freshened up and take a rest.

In Basu house, Nivedita scolds Anurag for making a mess out of his room. She asks him to get out of his obsession while Anurag asks her to be with him for the destruction of Mr. Bajaj as he doesn’t only destroy my life but he destroyed our father’s company too. Nivedita says if it is about that then I am with you. Anupam thinks Anurag is doing all this to get back Prerna so he hopes him not to face any ill fate anymore.

Bajaj is taking bath and asks his servant for bath coat while Prerna enters the room. She hears him shouting and handover the bath coat to him while she finds a file about Basu industries. She confronts Bajaj about the same. He says it has all the information about Anurag while Veena comes to meet Prerna. She asks her why did she do this as she knows her upbringing is not wrong. She says I know what this Bajaj did to my child Anurag and you think he will love you? Prerna thinks I can’t tell the truth to her and says Bajaj is better for me than Anurag. Veena slaps her and says you are living in a bubble while Prerna denies the same. Veena says all this a lie and she doesn’t believe it.

Precap – Anurag gives his workers an attractive proposal and here Bajaj introduced his daughter Sneha to Prerna.

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