Kasauti Zindagi Kay 30th August 2019 written update:- Anurag tries to commit suicide

Episode begins with Anurag and Prerna conversation. Anurag tells Prerna that Mr Bajaj is lucky enough and I am not. Prerna tries to tell him that there is nothing like that but he cuts her in middle and says I have seen you hugging him. Prerna looks at him with shocking expression when Anurag says that I know you are his wife but still I am not habituated with seeing you with someone else. Trainer was about to go from that place but she is tops and turns. She asked Anurag if he will be able to stay with a person for life who doesn’t love and who doesn’t have any emotions for him in her heart ? Anurag asks her not to say like that when Prerna says this is the ultimate reality. Here Veena says there are some good instincts in Mr.Bajaj too.

Mr Bajaj is in office and his staff informed him that they have cracked the deal with Kolkata Daily news. he gets happy to get the news and say so many influential people are trying to crack the deal including Nivedita Basu but we are lucky enough. he calls train inform someone that he has invited some of his office colleague with their families for dinner tonight so will she able to manage it? Prerna agrees for the dinner and she says she will handle it. She was talking to Anurag while she was on call with Mr Bajaj. She pretends to speak with Mr Bajaj in a way so that Anurag will feel that she has moved on. Anurag tells her that he knows that cal has been disconnected long ago but it hurts him to see that Prerna is doing all this deliberately to hurt him. pranam ask him to move on with some other girl as there is no short of girls in this entire world. Anurag says to Prerna that he only needs her in his life. Prerna says that is not possible in this lifetime.
Anurag tries to commit suicide in his room thinking that if Prerna is not in his life then there is no meaning of being alive. Suddenly he remembered the words of Mr Bajaj and he comes back to sense and throws away the knife. He realises that I shouldn’t fall week to this extent and I have to fight back.

pranay organised the party in the Basu mention to celebrate the victory of Bajaj industries. All the family members of Bajaj company staff are praising Prerna for being not only pretty but also charming.

She calls Mr Bajaj to know where he is and when he will be back? She told him that all the guest has already arrived and they are waiting for him and he is the one who is late here. In a way, she is scolded him for being late and ordered him to come fast to attend his guests. Bajaj things that he doesn’t like someone else ordering him but today he is not feeling bad.
Nivedita confronts Prerna and says you and your husband and trying to humiliate me by throwing this party as I have lost the deal. However I promise you I will bounce back and will throw a bigger party than this when I will make you and your husband lose. Nivedita breaks down in front of Mohini and tells her how this lost is troubling her. Mohini gets angry on Prerna and think she always made my kids cry and now it’s her turn to cry and yearn for happiness. Anurag is outside in his car and he is thinking about what he was going to do. He feels it was so stupid of him to think about such activities. He says I was totally out of sense to even think about it. Mr Bajaj comes home and hits Anurag’s car. They both get into an argument and Bajaj left from there to attend the party.

Precap – Mohini offers her partnership to Sharda. Anurag sees Bajaj and Prerna are dancing in the party.