Kasauti Zindagi kay 30th October 2019 Written Update: Prerna is back in Sharma Nivas

Episode begins with Prerna is walking on the street lost in her thoughts. Komolika is going to hit her with her car but she stopped at the last moment and think that my mood is changed now at least the person is going to die should know that who is killing her? She offered lift to Prerna and says I will drop you at your house. Prerna is reluctant at first but then she agreed to her. She sits inside the car after putting the luggage in the boot. Komolika drops Prerna at Sharma Bhavan and thinks this house is mine and I gifted it to Anurag and he does charity by giving it to you all. Anyways, now I am back so I will take back everything that belongs to me.

She asked and Prerna that she has to go back to the place from where both of them came here so is there any U turn? Prerna says you can go ahead and take an U- turn from there. Komolika does the same and then she noticed that there is some mud on the streets and she things when I am here then there has to be some meanness. She purposely drives the car on high speed and sprinkle the mud on Prerna to humiliate her.

She puts up an act in front of Prerna like she is really sorry for whatever happened and tries to clean her face with tissue papers.
Shivani is putting the food on the table when the doorbell rings. She thinks that Veena has come back and she goes to open the door but finds a distressed Prerna there.

Prerna starts to cry and everybody gets worried that what happened suddenly? she with much difficulty says to her family members that Anurag has come back finally but he forgets everything that happened in his life in the past two years. He doesn’t remember anything about it in fact he even forgets me. She is crying so much and Naveen says don’t take stress everything will be fine soon. Prerna says if anybody tries to make him remember anything forcefully then it will be not good in result.

Komolika comes home and is conversing with Nivedita and Mohini. Shivani comes to Basu mansion to have a word with Mohini regarding Prerna. She ask her how could she just throughout her sister from this house like that? From the past one month she is trying my level best to match up to the level of Anurag and take care of the family. She did everything she can in her power to make them feel good and win their hearts and this is what she deserves in return. Komolika is watching all this drama and is getting happy. Shivani questions Moloy that if you have thought my sister as your daughter then how could you let it happen? Moloy explains to her that Anurag is not in a state to remember anything regarding Prerna moreover forcing him to remember anything can make him go into coma as well.

Komolika thinks that everyone has become a puppet of her hand now and she can make them dance as per her whims. Prerna is lost in her thoughts and says to Shivani that she is hopeful about everything will be fine one day. In the morning, Anurag comes to his parents and asks he doesn’t remember ending from the past two years and it is quite a long period so will they help him in regaining some events that he is missing out. Moloy agrees and he starts to saying the events and he told Anurag that his friend Rajesh is no more.

Precap – Anurag carries Prerna in his arms to Sharma nivas and he introduces Sonalika to them as his wife. Everyone is shocked to see this while Komolika is happy.