Kasauti Zindagi Kay 31st July 2019 Written Update Mr.Bajaj rescued Prerna from Ronit’s clutches

The episode begins with Mr. Bajaj and Ronit are arguing in that cottage. Ronit says his deal got spoiled always because of Prerna, she always did this. Ronit says to Anurag there was a deal between you and my sister Komolika but what this girl did? She comes in between and breaks the deal forever. Now she strikes another deal with Mr.Bajaj, that is why Mr. Bajaj rejected my offer. Anurag asks him what deal he is talking about? Ronit says what you know then about Prerna? She appears to be innocent but much more cunning than one can imagine. He is about to disclose the deal for which she switches to Mr.Bajaj and left Anurag but before that Prerna slaps him hard and spoils the topic. She says I told Anurag that I married Mr.Bajaj for money and wealth. Ronit says very good, in fact, Mr. Bajaj was right I am a fool and he suddenly grabs Prerna by her neck and asks both Anurag and Mr.Bajaj to back off and let him go. His men who were waiting outside come to the main door and knocks it to open.

Anurag distracts Ronit while Mr.Bajaj plays a trick on him and hit him and he gets unconscious. Prerna and Anurag see him while Bajaj says he hits on a nerve so he will be in this state for some time now. Meanwhile, I will call the police and get them arrested.

Mr. Bajaj comes outside and tells those men if you try to run away you will get 10 years but if you surrender then it will be 5 years so decide. They say to Baja that they are ready to surrender themselves. The police came and take Ronit and his men in custody and thanks, Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj says he did all the arrangements so now and Anurag completes his sentence by saying, Ronit chapter is closed. Mr. Bajaj says it’s high time Mr. Basu that your chapter gets closed too. Anurag says my chapter can never get closed from Prerna’s life. Anurag left from the place while Bajaj and Prerna decide to wait in the cottage until their car comes. In the morning, Anurag gets settled for tea with Nivedita and Anupam when he says Mr.Bajaj was so precious while hitting Ronit. Nivedita says why are we even talking about that man? Nivedita asks Anurag to go back to Kolkata as their work in Switzerland is over. Anurag says he will not leave without Prerna. Nivedita says she already left the place in the morning as I saw the hotel boy to keep her luggage in the car. Amurag gets flashes of him and Prerna decided to paraglide in Interlaken, Switzerland and see the city from the top. He gets emotional thinking Prerna might be there and walks away while Nivedita thinks Anurag doesn’t know where is Prerna right now? On the other hand, Prerna is in Interlaken and she remembers Anurag words about doing this adventure together. She feels sad and stands in a corner while Mr.Bajaj is talking to the officials about the sports. He comes to Prerna and asks her if she is scared? Prerna says it is nothing like that, we are supposed to do this. Bajaj asks who are we? Prerna says who can be apart from me and Anurag. Bajaj throws a challenge to her that you and Anurag appear to be a boring person and can not be this much adventurous. Prerna says so you only think you are capable of doing challenging things. She walks up to the officials and tells them she wants to take a ride while Bajaj looks at her with a wicked smile.

Precap: Anurag is drunk and back in Kolkata. He says Mr. Bajaj has surely some weakness and I will find it out after all he is a human being too. Then and there my game will start.