Kasauti Zindagi kay 4th November 2019 Written Update: Anurag gets flashes of his moments with Prerna

Episode starts with Mohini asks cooking staff to prepare Anurag favourite sweets. Suman asks Mohini it’s taking so much time of Anurag and Sonalika to perform Pooja in Kuldevi Mandir. Mohi says she didn’t disturb them because of pooja. Suman praises Mohini for getting Rich and beautiful bahu like Sonalika without searching. Mohini praises Sonalika nature.

Anurag gets Mohini call and she gets shocked to know they are in Prerna house. He informs her how Prerna gets accident with their car and how they reached Dharnas house. Mohini asks them to come quickly. Suman asks whether their is meeting is intentional or because of Destiny. Mohini seems angry.

Sonalika says about her Shaadi with alAnurag to Prerna and co. Prerna thanks her for taking care of Anurag and tries to left the place in tears.Anurag sees her and enquirie about what happened to Prerna. Sonalika says don’t know and than he informs they have to reach home because he got call from maa. Sonalika agrees and Anurag asks for one min so he can say bye to Prerna.

Seeing Prerna, Anurag asks her whether anything happened between them in last two years. Prerna asks why he is asking same question again and again. Anurag says because of her avoidance he got this doubt and asks her to reveal what’s she hiding in her heart. She denies and he goes with bandaid for Sonalika but he came back to Prerna again to check her.

Seeing crying Prerna he asks her whether she is crying for Rajesh uncle. She cries more and Anurag wipes her tears. He gets flashes of their past moments. Prerna says she is fine and Anurag left the place with Sonalika.

At dining table, all are having dinner and Sonalika says she will help them. Mohini asks her to join for dinner along with ANurag. Moloy teases Mohini. Seeing Sonalika good behaviour, Anupam thinks how can someone be so good like her.
Anurag informs everyone how he met with Prerna and says he is feeling some connection with Sharma’s and their house. Everyone gets shocked and Mohini says their no connection with him to Sharma’s.

At room Moloy says it’s quite natural to have this type of curiosity for Anurag to know his past. Mohini says why he is not saying anything about Prerna. Moloy says Prerna asked him to call her If Anurag gets his memory. Mohini suggests to block Prerna NUM. Anurag enters moloy room and Questions their relationship with Sharma’s family in the last two years. Mohini tries to manage saying they already informed him everything. Anurag says why he is feeling like something happened.

Shivani consoles Veena. Mohini worries about Anurag future and Nivedita assures her everything will be fine. Sonalika thinks I will make sure of it so Anurag won’t get his memory back.

Precap – Sonalika asks his men to burn to Prerna house during Diwali. Sonalika thinks today is going to be the last day for Prerna and her family. Prerna and her family gets struck in fire and Veena gets injured because of pillar.