Kasauti Zindagi kay 5th November 2019 Written Update: Sonalika enjoys her victory seeing the burning house of Sharma’s

Episode starts with Prerna reminsces her moments with Anurag and how he felt happy knowing about her pregnancy. Prerna says to Shivani, Anurag is very happy after knowing my pregnancy, Now he is back but everything is changed he only remembers Rajesh daughter Prerna and he forgot about his Prerna. Prerna says Anurag will remember everything very soon. Shivani hugs her.

Sonalika sees Sleeping Anurag and thinks Why he don’t love her now their is no Komolika or Prerna in his life. Sonalika thinks others can’t move their eyes from me but Anurag is not even giving some glances than she reminsces his today encounter with Prerna and his words. Sonalika plans to do something to make sure Prerna is out of Anurag life. She messages someone to meet her immediately.

Sonalika asks her men to burn Prerna house without harming anyone. Sonalika men burns Prerna house and family members are shocked to see the fire inside their house. Everyone comes out of their rooms and tries to escape. But Prerna runs inside room saying she forgot something. Family members panicks for her safety. She comes out with some photo frame and Veena injured while waiting for Prerna. They send her to hospital.

Anupam brings Anurag outside of their house and says last two years in his life something happened you won’t even imagine. Anurag asks whether it’s love. Anupam denies and asks Anurag, did he remember how he used to watch moon whenever his mood Is off. Anurag gets some flashes and asks Anupam how he started liking moon and says his mom is saying nothing happened in last two years but I’m having feeling like something happened in my life. Anurag questions why he went to that place during his accident time, Anupam thinks about how he went for Prerna and than Remembers doctors warning. Anupam tries to cool him but Anurag is restless.

Suman and Prerna thanks pupa ji for their help. He asks everyone to relax in their house. Shivani thinks how their house caught in fire suddenly.

Sonalika enjoys seeing burning house of sharmas. Anupam tries to console Anurag and suggests to discuss with him of he gets any flashes of his past. Pupaji says it can be because of some Diwali rocket. Prerna to denies to believe. Veena announces she going to village with her family. Everyone gets shocked.

Mohini cries thinking about Anurag safety, moloy consoles her. Anurag overhears her words and tries to come inside but Moloy signs him to go and he will manage. Sonalika says Anurag and Prerna dreams are burned like this house.

Precap – Veena asks where is god, if God is there why he is playing with our lifes. Shivani and Prerna tries to console her. Komolika thinks Prerna chapter is over because she sepereated Prerna from everything like her dad, love, Pati, house, relations. Family gets shocked knowing Prerna is going to work. Prerna saree touches Anurag face and he gets some flashes.