Kasauti Zindagi Kay 6th August 2019 written update:- Anurag takes over Mr. Bajaj


The episode starts with Bajaj is sitting beside a sleeping Sneha and Prerna and gets emotional. On the other hand, Bajaj’s aunty enters the room and asks him to come out to talk. She asks him what happened to him as she never has seen him being emotional ever and today he is crying. Bajaj says Kuki is very special to him and after a long time she is seeing her sleeping sound or else there was not a ding night till date when she didn’t encounter a nightmare or runs to my room at midnight scared. Today it was different so yes I am emotional but I am also happy.

Maasi enters the room and asks Prerna to get freshened up till then she will arrange for breakfast. She tells Rishabh that marrying Prerna will be the best decision of your life. Here in the Basu publication office, Anurag comes for a meeting with Bankers and financiers and confront them for betraying him and their company for gaining 20% profit from Bajaj. He offers them a profit of 50% to flip back in his side and also asks them to help him in destroying Bajaj. They all agree and he asks his men to prepare documents for official formalities.

All get settled for breakfast when Kuki comes to Bajaj and he loves her and adores her. Massi asks will Kuki like to have breakfast from her new mom’s hand? Sneha smiles and brings Prerna and asks her to feed her. Prerna settles on a chair and places Kuki on her lap and feed her juice and food while Bajaj is adoring them and maasi smiles seeing all these. A servant comes and informs Bajaj that Mr. Basu arrived here to meet you and he is saying it is urgent, Prerna gets shocked while Bajaj excuses himself.

Bajaj comes to Anurag and says he is becoming more than annoying day by day. He expected him to be much more thinkable but his arrival at his house just like that anytime is not something he is liking. You can ask me any day, anytime to come and I will come to meet you. Anurag says so you are not liking me coming to your house and addresses Prerna that does she listen to what he says? Bajaj says he doesn’t approve that anyone talks to his wife like that. Anurag says oops you don’t like me talking to your wife but you just wrecked my entire world and keeps it in your house, what about that? Anurag says you always cheat and betray people and in this process you never ever thought that it can backfire on you someday? Bajaj calls for security when Anurag shouts at them that if they love their bread and butter then they should go back from where they came as this house belongs to him now. Mr. Bajaj asks Anurag to back off from his personal life and doesn’t bother him or else he will regret it big time. Anurag says now it’s too late, he destroyed his life and now it’s his turn to play the game. Anurag drives back-office and thinks only if Prerna didn’t leave him for money or other reason he doesn’t need to do all this. Prerna here thinks to talk to Anurag in this matter as he is wrong this time. Anurag tells Anupam that Prerna left him for money and now she will be back for money also. He shows him the phone incoming call of Prerna.

Precap – Bajaj receives a notice from the court to vacate his house. Prerna request Anurag to stop all these and let them stay there.

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