Kasauti Zindagi Kay 6th September 2019 written update:- Anurag meets with an accident by Bajaj

The episode starts with everyone gathered in the hall for performing the aarti. The priest asks Mohini is all the people of the family has arrived because the timing for the aarti is going to start. She says all of them have arrived and both the priest starts the proceedings.

One of the great said it would be good if the veneration starts with the son and the daughter in law of the house. Sharda says yes my daughter-in-law Prerna and my son will do the aarti first. Bajaj is coming forward when Debu da accidentally drops sauce on him and he went to change the dress.

Sneha goes to Anurag and brings him to perform the aarti with Prerna and all the family members get shocked to see this. Prerna asks the priest to let Kuki do the aarti and she goes upstairs to help Bajaj. Anurag performs the aarti with Sneha, Mohini and Moloy and Nivedita one after another does the same.

Prerna comes up and sees Bajaj is trying to wash the stain by tissues as the cupboard is locked. Prerna asks him if someone compliments you as a good person will you feel awkward with it? She helps him in cleaning the stain when Bajaj gets conscious and says he will change the dress.

Prerna comes down and performs aarti with Sneha and followed by Mr.Bajaj and Anurag watches them doing the pooja. Later on, the priest asks Prerna to offer the aarti to everyone. She is giving it to all and comes to Anurag when Bajaj also comes there from behind and takes the aarti from Prerna. Anurag goes from there. Bajaj asks Anurag to let go of his hopes as all the bonds between him and Prerna are broken now. Anurag says you can’t defeat me like this as the most precious thing in my life, Prerna is away from me. Bajaj looks at him angrily while Anurag leaves with Anupam.

Anupam tries to make an understanding that Bajaj has literally threatened him and he needs to be serious about it. Prerna got to listen to their conversation and stops there. Anupam comes out and sees Prerna and tells her that Bajaj has threatened him. Anurag asks Anupam not to drag Prerna in it and takes him away from there.

Prerna confronts Mr.Bajaj about it and asks him if he really threatened Anurag? Bajaj calls Anurag cry baby and says do you know what he said to me? He calls Anurag and tells him to meet him when he returns home. The priest asks for more modaks and Bajaj goes to bring them. Prerna calls Anurag and asks him what conversation took place between him and Mr.Bajaj.

Anurag tells her the entire story and says she doesn’t want him to get dragged and was walking on the road when he noticed Mr.Bajaj car. He is talking on the phone when Mr.Bajaj comes and hit him in the middle of the road. Anurag shouts Prerna’s name and falls on the road bleeding. Shivani who is present there sees the accident and runs to see who is injured? People gather and flipped Anurag and Shivani gets worried for him and tries to see who is inside the car. Prerna shouts Anurag and runs on the road for him and falls, Anurag takes Prerna name and gets unconscious.

Precap – Mohini says Prerna runs out of the home like someone close to her is in trouble. Shivani sees Mr.Bajaj. Prerna admits Anurag in hospital.