Kasauti Zindagi Kay 7th March 2020 Written Update: Prerna and Anurag performs the puja together

In the episode it is seen Sonolika proving to Anurag that She is Komolika. Anurag stands shocked and gets angry at Komolika. Komolika than shows the video clip of Prerna pushing Viraj down the cliff and threatens Anurag that if he wants to save Prerna from murder charges than he has to push her from their life.

Anurag chokes Komolika and Komolika replies to him that if anything happens to her than her man will give the footage to the Police. Back to reality; Anurag prays in front of God and says he did everything to save Prerna’s life. He says he still loves Prerna and recalls his moments with her. Anurag than reveals that he has already asked his men to save Prerna after he pushes her down. He says he knows Prerna is alive. Anurag says Komolika is devil and can harm anyone. Thus, he has distanced himself from Prerna’s family too.

Other side, Prerna prays to God to give her the strength to destroy Anurag. Anurag asks God to give Prerna whatever she wants. Prerna and Anurag prays together. Prerna’s dupatta falls on Anurag’s face and he feels her presence.

Unknowingly, Anurag and Prerna does the Aarti together and Anurag recalls his past. Anurag thinks why he is feeling Prerna’s presence everywhere. Here, Rakhi’s son talks about cookie. Afterwards, Mohini asks Komolika to go and perform puja with Anurag. Prerna spots Komolika and pushes her. Komolika about to fall but saves herself. She was about see Prerna but Prerna leaves.

Later, Komolika goes to Anurag and asks him to perform aarti again. Anurag taunts Komolika and says God can’t wait for her. He asks Komolika to try in movies as she is a best actor. Afterwards, Anurag thinks he will never love Komoilka. He spots Veena trying to sell clothes but fails. Anurag stands teary. Episode Ends

Precap: Prerna meets Venna and her family.