Kasauti Zindagi Kay 9th September 2019 written update: Prerna signs as his wife for Anurag treatment

The episode begins with Anurag is lying in a pool of blood in between the road. All the people around the street gathers around him including Shivani who came to check who is this injured person? Prerna on the other side was in a call with Anurag gets to hear the sound of the accident and she screams his name. She starts to run from the house and continue taking the name of Anurag. She didn’t even realize when saree catches fire and is running like a maniac. All the guests present in the house are shocked to see her like that and they start to discuss it. Anupam splashes water on her saree to stop the fire from spreading while Mohini watches her going out of the house from the second floor.

Prerna is running on the streets like an insane person and then she trips and falls on the road and calls Anurag name. Anurag also takes her name and then faints. Shivani identifies Anurag and asks the other people who did this? Someone among the crowd pointed at Mr. Bajaj car and says look at that person after heating him he is still sitting inside the car in AC? Shivani seeds that Anurag is bleeding so much so she asks the other people if they have a car to take him to the hospital? Pronounce the other side standard and calls a taxi and reaches there.

Shivani looks and the car and says that the person who did this to you will take you to the hospital. the crowd follows and gather around Mr. Bajaj car and ask him to get down and open the door. Mr. Bajaj who is in shock about what just happened realizes that the crowd is getting aggressive and without paying attention to the person injured he decides to move away from the place. Shivani also comes near the car and she is shocked to see that the person inside is none other than Mr.Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj starts his car and leaves from that area. Shivani and the crowd somehow arrange a taxi and puts Anurag in it and took him to the hospital.
Here in the Basu house, Nivedita comes to Mohini’s room and ask her what is the matter?

Mohini tells that being a selfish girl she is running out of the house like someone very close to her needs only her at that moment. She didn’t even realize that her saree catches fire and all the people are calling her but it seems like she can’t hear anybody. Prerna reaches the accident spot and asks that people who are the injured person? Someone from them says that girl who took him to the hospital is addressing him with the name of Anurag. Prerna asked about the hospital they are taking him to when he says, you will find the Mac City Hospital.

Shivani admits Anurag and asks the doctor to treat him well and make him fit and fine. Prerna also reaches the hospital and inquiries in the reception about Anurag but the receptionist was unable to give her any information.

The trainer was going back from the hospital disappointed when Anurag condition deteriorates and she just feels like he is here in the hospital. She again enters the main premises of the hospital and suddenly stopped and looks back and find Anurag in ICU. The doctor comes out and asks her if she is his relative? Prerna immediately says yes and signed the paper required for his treatment. The doctor address for with Mrs. Basu as she signed as his wife. Prerna also didn’t protest match but agrees.

The doctor told her that and Anurag’s condition is critical and they have to operate him immediately so they are taking her concerned that if something happens during the process then she is ready for it. They are taking Anurag to another ward when Anurag in his unconscious state holds Prerna’s hand and Prerna assures him that she is right there and she will never let anything happen to him.

Precap – Prerna and Mr.Bajaj face-off and Prerna confronts him about the accident. Shivani informs Prerna about Mr. Bajaj involvement in an accident.