Kasauti Zindagi Kay- and the push and pull continues between Anurag and Prerna!

Kasauti Zindagi Ke on Star Plus is quite abuzz with the confrontation drama between Anurag and Prerna after Prerna went on to betray Anurag at the altar to be married to Bajaj due to unavoidable circumstances. Anurag, since then, has become something sort of crazy and trying everything to make her come back in his life.

Now after venting out his frustration and anger in the form of venomous hatred to her, he will try to make her see his point in a convincing manner full with love, care and reason. In the upcoming episode, Anurag and Prerna will be at the bank of Rhine fall. Anurag will try to tell Prerna that how much they love each other and though their love has failed today, one day their love will rise again like the Rhine fall.

Prerna will ask Anurag not to give himself further pain. They will again have a heated argument after that, she will ask him to leave the place. But Anurag will refuse and will tell her that he will leave but only with Prerna because he had promised her that he will never leave her. She will tell him that it is not possible. But he will keep insisting and not leave from there without her.

Right then, Mr. Bajaj will also arrive there and give Anurag a stern warning not to bother her. He will ask her for a coffee, and she will obediently accompany him. He will inform Anurag that delegates would need some time to choose which publications they would select before leaving him behind. Prerna will also try to leave along with him but Anurag will grab her from her wrist. She will struggle to free herself.

At last, she will succeed and will run behind Mr. Bajaj, leaving Anurag in tears. On the other side, Nivedita will get enraged over Anupam’s kind gesture towards the foreigners and seeing him dance with other girls. Keep watching this space for more.