Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Anurag and Bajaj to have a tussle regarding Prerna!

In an exciting upcoming episode of Star Plus’s huge hit Kasauti Zindagi Ke, fans will get to see heated moments between Anurag and Prerna once again. In the opening scene of the episode, Anurag and Prerna will be in the kitchen. Prerna will be cooking for Anurag.

Meanwhile, Anurag will tell Prerna that he will not be able to forgive her for her betrayal. Prerna will tell him that she already knows that. Prerna will be all teary and then Anurag will try to wipe her tears but Prerna will stop him. Prerna will then move away and recollect how Anurag slapped her. Prerna will tell him that he will find a better girl than her. Anurag will get furious and tell her that his brain shouts the same to him. He tells her that his mind tries every time to convince him that he will find the one but his heart fights with his brain.

Ultimately, he concludes his heart has desire only for her. Prerna will ask him to wash all the memories from his heart. In the bedroom, Bajaj will wake up and will find Prerna missing and will go out to look for her. In the kitchen, Prerna will tell Anurag that he is not a bad guy. Anurag will ask her to return to him and to live with him. Anurag will try to hold her hands, but Prerna will free herself and tell him that he can’t hold her in this manner. Right at the moment, Mr. Bajaj will come there.

Anurag will offend Mr. Bajaj by making a shocking statement about Prerna. They will later get into a fierce tussle after Anurag will try to bribe Mr. Bajaj’s employee. Do tune in for more of such updates and spoilers from your favorite show.