Kasauti Zindagi kay: Anurag and Prerna to reminisce their old lovely days

Kasauti Zindagi Ki is gearing up for some light romantic drama balanced with evil plans and high voltage drama warnings. AnuPre fans are being fed with lovey-dovey scenes of Anurag and Prerna but unfortunately, they are short-lived.

The Basu family and the Bajaj family will joyously make arrangements for the grand wedding of Anurag and Prerna. While the loving couple is lost in their own land of romance. Anurag and Prerna will be enjoying each other’s company by cherishing each other’s presence. Anurag promises Prerna that he will marry her on the Durga Pooja. He romantically claims her forehead by applying Mata Rani’s sindoor on her hairline. Both Anurag and Prerna filled with love and passion reminisce about their old lovely days.

Anurag will hug and kiss Prerna. Prerna demands that she will have a fat Indian wedding with all the rituals and celebrations including Haldi, Sangeet, Mehandi as she wants to live in the moments. Anurag assures that all her dreams will be fulfilled. With Anurag and Prerna planning on their future, Komalika is all set with her evil plans to sabotage the event. On the other hand, Mohini will also be fuming thinking of the wedding.

Even though happiness will be short-lived in the show, there is really some quality content of Anurag and Prerna.

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