Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Anurag and Prerna’s life to turn upside down with Komalika’s cunning plot!

Things have spiced up a lot in Star Plus’s superhit romantic drama Kasauti Zindagi Kay as so-supposed dead Komalika has returned alive to make life more complicated for the love birds facing endless tragedies. Every now and then, one or the other factor stops Anurag and Prerna from getting close to each other as they deserve as true lovers. This time around, their fate will take a more uglier ill turn which will change the whole dimension of the show.

In the upcoming track of the show, we will see Komalika planning for a deadly plot against Anurag. The lady filled with rage, vengeance, and determination to keep the lovers apart has returned with a new face in the show. Post her return, things have started heating up and now it seems like it will hit its zenith. Komalikawill plans an accident in which she will make Anurag fall into her prey.

On the other hand, Prerna will seek out Anurag upon not seeing him anywhere near. His absence will make her feel tensed and worried about his safety. She will keep trying to find out about Anurag’s whereabouts and right in the middle of it, Anurag will meet with an accident. The twist doesn’t end there though. As per the exclusive spoilers from the sets of the show, Anurag will lose his memory after the accident. He will completely forget Prerna and his mind will wipe out all the memories related to her from his past life. His mind will be as good as a blank paper and that will be the time Komalika will reenter his life.

Now it is certainly going to be super interesting to see how things unfold further in the show. Will Komalika’s plot win or Prerna’s love? To know all about it keep tuning to the show and follow our portal for regular spoilers and updates.