Kasauti Zindagi Kay: Anurag gets adamant to sit in puja with Prerna


High voltage drama ahead in Star Plus shows Kasauti Zindagi Kay.

After Anurag notices that Prerna is not comfortable with Mr. Bajaj, this ray of hope makes Anurag to again dream of Prerna. Though Prerna repeatedly trying to convince Anurag that she has moved on in her life but Anurag decides to win Prerna back.

Now in the upcoming episode, will see Anurag will wish to sit with Prerna for Ganpati Puja.
Prerna will start preparing for Ganeshji Puja. Bajaj will keep staring at Prerna and will follow her. Sharda will notice this and will ask Bajaj why is he looking so nervous. Bajaj will deny to her. Here, Anupam will try to wake Nivedita up by his funny dance. Soon Nivedita will wake up and start dancing with Anupam both will enjoy and will have a great time. At the hall, Sharda will notice Bajaj following Prerna and looking at her. Bajaj will ask Sharda mausi to forget about the past and enjoy with everyone.

Tanvi will also come wearing Western dress. Sharda will scold her for wearing the Western dress on festival day. Sharda will then tell her that she suspects that Bajaj is falling for Prerna and both will have an argument for the same. Both will then see Anurag staring at Prerna and Bajaj will also see that. Bajaj will then confront Anurag for seeing his wife like that. Anurag will tell him that he to feel uncomfortable while marrying his bride to be. Anurag will then accuse Bajaj of plotting to kill him and will challenge him to fight one on one. Bajaj will agree to fight after Puja.

Later, Prerna will come and confront Anurag for challenging Bajaj. Here, Anurag will be hell-bent on performing the Chaturthi puja with Prerna. Later, Mr. Bajaj will warn Anurag not to interfere in his personal matters.

What more will happen in the show will be interesting to watch.
Do Anurag will manage to do Puja with Prerna, well, to know more don’t miss watching Kasauti Zindagi Kay.
Mr. Bajaj is falling for Prerna. Do Prerna too will realize her love for Mr. Bajaj? Shoot your opinion in the comment box.

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