Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Anurag to enter Bajaj mansion to reprimand him.


In an exciting episode of Star Plus’s high on demand show Kasauti Zindagi Ke that will on air later today, we will get to see certain changes in the frustrating tragic drama that has been going on for a while now. The fresh change in the story will be Bajaj’s familial story will unfold more concerning Kuki and his emotions regarding her. In a special scene, Bajaj will stare at Kuki while she will be fast asleep in Prerna’s arm. Sharda Masi will observe him and advise him not to get emotional.

Outside the room, both will discuss how happy Kuki is with Prerna. Meanwhile, on the other side, Anurag will execute his plan to destroy Mr. Bajaj. He will offer his business partners 50% share of his company profits if they decide to help him in destroying Mr. Bajaj. Nivedita and Anupam will get shocked at his declaration as they hear him go through the details of how he is going to take his vengeance from the one who turned their world upside down in a moment.

Surprisingly, all the shareholders will agree with Anurag’s proposal and start preparing their documents accordingly. This will further stun his father and sister. Anurag will leave the meeting thinking that now Prerna will return to him. Nivedita will praise Anurag for his fast move. Anurag will later reveal his thorough planning to destroy Mr. Bajaj and show them the take over the paper he has prepared. Back at the Bajaj Mansion, all will be having their breakfast when Anurag will arrive there. Mr. Bajaj will meet Anurag, Prerna will also come there.

Bajaj will express his displeasure about Anurag’s presence and will ask him to take permission next time. Anurag will tell him that he is annoyed that he has to come to his house. He will then add that he has brought his whole world to his house. Both will clash over Prerna and Mr. Bajaj will call the security. Anurag will order Security to leave him off they wanted to secure their job tomorrow because he is taking over tomorrow. This declaration will shock Bajaj. Now it is for time to tell if Anurag succeeds or not. For more spoilers and fresh updates from your own favorite shows, do follow our portal.

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