Kasauti Zindagi Kay: Anurag to prove Prerna innocent

Kasauti Zindagi Kay airing on Star Plus is going on a high voltage drama rollercoaster. Even though there is a hard time going on for Anurag and Prerna the fans are very much enjoying the little bits of love story still alive through the storyline. With the plot revolving around Anurag, Prerna and Komolika as the main focus, Komolika is all set to play every dirty game to kick Prerna out of Anurag’s life. Both Komolika and Prerna are fighting for Anurag’s love whereas, Komolika is using evil paths to obsess over Anurag.

In the upcoming episodes, just like Anurag promised he will take each and every measure to take Prerna out of the prison. He will reach over to the police station and will hand over the CCTV footage of their office to the police officials. But they will deny saying they have already checked the CCTV footage and there is nothing present that could prove Prerna innocent. But Anurag will be persistent and will inform the police officials that they CCTV footage they claim to be true is fabricated evidence.

Later, he will show the police some piece of solid evidence where they could believe Anurag. Inspector, after watching the footage which Anurag brought will release Prerna. Prerna will then thank Anurag for proving her innocent. Komolika who is quite happy with her plans will be enjoying the Sindur Khela. Meanwhile, Anurag and Prerna will enter the Basu mansion and everyone will be shocked to see them together. This will be indeed a huge shock for Komolika. No wonder that Komolika will quickly think of something else to kick Prerna out of Anurag’s life.

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