Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Anurag’s devdasi will concern his family members!

Anurag’s plan to outsmart Bajaj and claim his business has backfired in Star Plus’s ace dramatic show Kasauti Zindagi Kay. Instead, he himself had to lose his house because of Bajaj’s cunning ways and now not only Anurag is out of his house, he is also burning from inside.

To minimize his pain, he is going to consume alcohol and be mad exactly like Devdas. His such demeanor will make his family members concerned and Anupam will try to handle the situation in a wise way. Anupam will ask Anurag to stop living like a Devdas. Anupam will ask Anurag to work hard and earn more money than Mr. Bajaj. He will add that Prerna had left him for money and he should make her regret for that. Anurag will then move towards the meeting room.

Anupam will get happy seeing the determination in Anurag’s eyes. Back at the Basu Mansion Mr. Bajaj will bring a teddy for Kuki and will look for her but will not find her. Sharda Masi, Prerna, and Tanvi will also look for Kuki but will not find her. Mohini will come there and will tell Mr. Bajaj that he has done mistake by handing over Kuki to Prerna. Mr. Bajaj will scold Prerna for neglecting Kuki. Sharda Masi will ask Mr. Bajaj to calm down.

Meanwhile, Tanvi will locate Kuki at the storeroom. Nivedita will overhear Mr. Bajaj saying he only got Prerna for Kuki. After a while, Mr. Bajaj will get to know about Kuki and will rush toward Storeroom and will bring her at the room. Prerna will apologize to Mr. Bajaj but he will lash her out. Mr. Bajaj will ask Masi to call the doctor. Tanvi and Sharda Masi will call the doctor. Follow us for more spicy spoilers and updates.