Kasauti Zindagi Kay- Check and Check mate!

The drama in Star Plus’s Kasauti Zindagi Ke is getting more intense by the day as Anurag and Bajaj gets into the battle of power. In the upcoming episode, we will get to witness Bajaj’s counter-attack to Anurag for trying to snatch out his business. Here, Bajaj will instead have Anurag’s house snatched from him.

The episode will begin with Bajaj entering Basu mansion where Anurag will ask him to talk only if he has something new to say. He will tell him that Prerna had come earlier and had discussed everything. Bajaj will then talk about Rajavalli from whom Anurag had learned about his business. Meanwhile, Prerna will try to call Mr. Bajaj but he will not receive her call. Prerna will rush toward Basu Mansion fearing something might have happened as Bajaj never ignores her call.

Back at Basu mansion, Bajaj will tell Anurag that those who live in glass house should never throw stones at other. Anurag and whole Basu family will glare him. Mr. Bajaj will ask how many rooms Basu Mansion have. Anurag will be surprised by the question and ask why he is asking that. Bajaj will tell him that he is thinking to shift at Basu house.

Anurag will say that only person who can come from Bajaj Mansion to Basu Mansion is his forced wife Prerna. Bajaj will then tell Anurag that he is not shifting at Basu Mansion because he liked this house, but because he had bought Basu Mansion. Anurag and rest of the Basu family will get shocked. Anurag will say that it is impossible. Mr. Bajaj will tell him that nothing is impossible. Prerna will also arrive just in time there to get shocked. Mr. Bajaj will tell that he had warned Anurag not to get personal and now all his family members had to suffer because of his silly mistake.

Nivedita will confirm snatching the paper from Mr. Bajaj. She will call her manager as well to confirm the same. The episode will end with the scene where Nivedita will be desperately trying to stop Anurag from leaving the house. Keep this space abuzz for more spicy spoilers and entertainment.


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