Kasauti Zindagi Kay – Happy times ahead for Anurag and Prerna!

Fans of popular Jodi Anurag and Prerna from Kasauti Zindagi Ke can finally rejoice as their favorite couple will once again burn the screens with their sizzling chemistry. Komolika had managed to keep the lovers separated from one another for too long. But now with her out of the picture, it’s just the love birds enjoying the thrill of falling in love again and trying to confess to each other. In one of the scenes in upcoming episodes, Anurag will be seen playing chess with Anupam during which Anupam asks Anurag if he has proposed Prerna yet or not. Anurag will deny it and then leaves the game to go to his room for thinking of ways to confess his love for Prerna. While he keeps on practicing his proposal in dramatic style, one of the buttons in his shirt will fall off. Right then enters Prerna in the room for some errands and he uses this as his chance to get close to her. Can this be more classic for lovers in Indian tv? No, certainly not! He will ask Prerna to stitch the button for him and she will come close to him for that. But right at the moment Mohini will see them together and throws a vase to break it so they could be distracted. Will the lovers ever have their deserved spare time? Phew!

On the other side, Rohit and Chaubey are in their own painstaking moments after losing Komalika to death. Rohit keeps recalling his memories with Komalika and in the meantime, Chaubey is filled with rage and vengeance towards Prerna. He will vow to kill Prerna as she is the reason for his daughter’s death. In the midst of it all, Veena will receive unexpected news. Quite a buzz to wait for the next track, right peeps?

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