Kasauti Zindagi kay: Komolica to get her and Anurag’s wedding photo’s morphed

Kasauti Zindagi Ki indeed bought a painful situation for both AnuPre and AnuPre fans. While things were going Anurag and Prerna’s way, there has to be an obstacle making their dreams pop like an air bubble. Komolika takes the chance to manipulate the situation and shows the Basu family the morphed photos of her and Anurag’s wedding. As expected the Basu family will also believe the morphed photos and will fail to recognize the fake photos shown by Komolika.

Anurag will be unconscious all through the photos that Komolika claim. Komolika will then continue telling that she is happy that she saved Anurag’s life. On the other hand, Prerna is heartbroken and will come to Anurag’s room and will cry. Meanwhile, the doctor will announce the Basu family that Anurag is still unstable and any stress to make him remember the past will bring out negative results.

Meanwhile, Mohini will demand that Prerna should leave the house. Prerna being stubborn refuses to leave the Basu house. Even though the happiness between AnuPre was short-lived there were some brief moments to remember.

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