Kasauti Zindagi Kay: Komolika plans to set the Sharma house on fire

Kasauti Zindagi Kay airing on Star Plus is showing some high tension drama. The drama is getting heated up day by day with much more anticipation and nail-biting moments. Anurag who has lost his memory s trying hard to get back his memory and know the relations between him and the Sharmas.

On the other hand, the process is getting slow and anticipating that has glued the audiences to the TV screens. Prerna will feel bad that Anurag will only remember Rajesh’s uncle’s daughter but not her or his love for her. Here Komolika will get frustrated thinking that she is not able to enjoy her life with her husband Anurag.

Komolika will curse Prerna and thinks that she always plays a role in her life. Komolika will then come to a decision that no matter what she should keep Prerna out of her and Anurag’s life. Acting faster Komolika will hatch a sinister plan against the Sharma family. Komolika will call some goons and will handover the Sharma house’s picture to them. Meanwhile, Anupam will console Anurag.

Later, the Sharma family will get shattered to see their house on fire. Will Komolika succeed in keeping Prerna out of Anurag’s life?

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