Kasauti Zindagi Kay – Love, Betrayal and Hatred!

Gradually, Anurag from Star Plus’s hot and happening show Kasauti Zindagi Kay have come to terms with the fact that Prerna has really left him for good as she went to get married with Mr. Bajaj. In his mental unstable state after he heard the news, he has gone through excoriating pain felt by his love to Prerna, her betrayal to him behind his back and now it looks like he will soon begin to show his hatred for her doing.

In the recent episode, as we reported in our earlier issue, Anurag is seen slapping her out of his rage. But later he realizes he has been wrong in doing that and apologizes for the same.

Now as per the spoilers that have just arrived in, in the upcoming episode, Anurag will try to convince Prerna on leaving Mr. Bajaj and restarting her life with him. His plea will get into deaf ears and will be of no use. Prerna will ask Anurag to leave before her husband spots them together.

Her harsh remarks will make him heartbroken. He will then tell her that from now she will see his hatred for her. He self- determines to himself that even though he will miss her, he will try and forget her. He then goes on to accuse her of being the same kind as Mr. Bajaj as she broke his heart just like how Bajaj ruined his business. He will walk away declaring he will forget her, and she will follow him.

She will stop him and tell him to accept that she makes a great couple with Mr. Bajaj like he aptly put together so, he doesn’t need to know anything else now. After saying this, she will walk away from there and this time Anurag will follow her. Keep watching this space for more news and updates.