Kasauti Zindagi Kay – More drama to follow post Komalika’s dramatic terrace run!


As we reported in our earlier session, Kasauti Zindagi Kay is gearing up for some high voltage drama with Komolika’s escape from police custody. Komolika has decided not to give Anurag and Prerna any chance to fall in love, so when her plan of killing them fails, she attempts to kill herself by jumping off the terrace. Now in the upcoming track of the show, everyone will search for Komalika and her whereabouts.

Unable to find her, everyone will start speculating lots of things and police will intervene them and tells them to stop and go home. They instruct them that police will search for Komalika anyhow. Back to Basu home, Mohini will sincerely apologize to Anurag for bringing Komalika home and into his life. Prerna will bring the first aid kit to apply medicines to Anurag’s wounds and Mohini will snatch the box from her and start doing it herself. After a while, Rohit arrives at Basu house to get Prerna arrested accusing her of being the reason for Komalika falling off the terrace. Sidhant Chaubey also arrives at the scene and along with Rohit will blame Anurag for killing Komalika.

Anurag will have the CCTV footage from the terrace retrieved and shows the entire recording in front of everyone. Rohit will accuse Anurag and Prerna then for having an extramarital affair which led Komalika to end her life that way. He will show pictures of Anurag and Komolika’s marriage to the police to support his claim. Anurag will beat Rohit as he hurls curses at Prerna and the both will end up having a deadly brawl. What will happen next?

Will police arrest Anurag or Prerna amidst all this chaos? To know more tune in to the show and keep this space abuzz.

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